Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hump Day Quickie: Back in session or going home?

"Yes, indeed. The big gotta do? Let's gitterdun." I backing up or moving forward? Hmmmm...
Eh? What's that you say? 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A shredder, a stoner, a rocker, and an actor walk into a bar.

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

A guitar-shredding/Constitution-loving showman, a pretty-boy/easily-manipulated actor, a whiny-butt/politically-correct stoner, and a rocker-chick/better-man-than-most lesbian walk into a bar.

That is the beginning of a joke that will have to be finished by a comedian much wittier than I. All I saw was a few connections. Let me explain that process.

It began thusly

I was reading a story in USA Today about Ted "Shredder" Nugent (the guitar shredder) and David "Stoner" Crosby (the whiny-butt stoner) and the aforementioned's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Seems Stoner doesn't want Shredder in because Shredder isn't PC enough for Stoner. Shredder hides his real reason by saying that Shredder's music sucks, but we all know what he really means.

That's right! Shredder supports the Constitution and won't back down on supporting individual rights including the right to bear arms so that the Gubment can't get the big head and turn folks into serfs and slaves serving a Fasci-Socialist Oligarchy, while Stoner does everything in his power to do just the opposite.

When you think of Stoner, what's the first thing that pops into your mind? The first thing popped into my mind? "Hey, wasn't he the guy that donated sperm so that Melissa Etheridge could have two children by way of artificial insemination with her partner Julie Cypher?"

(Actually what I thought was, "Hey, isn't Crosby the guy who got that rocker-chick lesbo preggers?" But I'm not going to put that in this column because that could be "inflammatory" and I don't want to be inflammatory.)

Two articles quickly revealed themselves in an online research on that massive portal of oft-stolen, copyright-infringed, PC-curated information called Google/Alphabet.

One about why Etheridge rejected Brad Pitt's* wigglers in favor of Crosby's.

And the other gushing about how it was Crosby's wife who volunteered his wigglers so that this couple — who as a unit were biologically incapable of reproducing themselves — could at least have a couple of kids to add to their politically-correct lifestyle.

Some have implied that the Crosby-Cypher insemination was a diabolical marketing ploy used to get lots of column inches and big headlines they didn't have to pay for. Personally, I believe free column inches was simply a happy result and not at all intended. Anyway —

All that got me to thinking and LALOTI**

Yes, it got me to thinking about...well...I'm not sure except that I did come up with the beginning of a joke and that's about it. Then I looked at more of the online feud here and got a screenshot.

Frankly, I'm shocked that Twitter has not banned Stoner for his use of the a**hole word since that can be construed as hate speech and we know that Twitter is all about not allowing hate speech unless you belong to any terrorist group with roots or ties to the Middle East, but that's another column for another time.

Reading the comments about Shredder on Stoner's Twitter timeline made me LALOTI**, but the more I scrolled the more I began to gag to the point I was no longer LALOTI'ing.

The thing is, I don't like Shredder or Stoner's music. I mean, other than Shredder's Cat Scratch Fever and Stoner's...hmmm...what did he sing?

I had to look up Stoner's top ten songs. I did not recognize any of them even of the ones he was in with The Byrds. The only one of Shredder's I recognized was Cat Scratch Fever. Should you want to hear that, I shall post it and one other of Shredder's songs separately on ROTW for another later day.


I don't own any music by either of them nor will I ever go to their concerts. But I do like Shredder more than I've ever liked Stoner because the former stands up for the rights of others and the latter only pretends to do so.

 - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - - 

*After leaving his wife who didn't want children for a woman who did, Brad Pitt finally got a couple of housefuls of them. Of course, that woman who so desperately wanted to be a mother is a bit — how shall we say this so we don't get sued? I know. Here's the rewrite:

Could one describe Brad Pitt's choice of a mother for his soon-to-be-collected-from-around-the-world children as flaky? (There. Lawsuit averted.)

**LALOTI is the newest acronymed shorthand for a state of humor that does not reach LOL status. LALOTI stands for "Laughing a Little on the Inside." This phrase was invented by a friend of mine, Melanie S—, who is extremely left wing and proud of it and we pretty much disagree on everything except music. Still, she came up with a good acronym and I want to give credit where credit is due.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Galveston, Texas - September 8, 1900: Isaac's Storm

Facebook's newest secret app: Time Travel Portal

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

For several years now the giant of social engineering called Facebook has regularly let my followers and friends know where I am. They've done it without my permission, too. Not that I'm complaining, mind.

Of course Fake...errrrr...I mean Facebook are doing just as great a job of it as they are in identifying fake news.

For instance, when I post links to my own columns in this blog to my Facebook timeline, I'm always asked to confirm that it is really me who is posting by typing into a box a cryptic set of randomly generated letters.

Not that Fake...errrr...Facebook identified all the fake news headlines generating massive free publicity about them when it was erroneously reported they shut down the Baby Terminator project.

Did you know that Facebook does not recognize ROTW as legitimate? It's probably because one of their Fake News Identifier vendors has not put their stamp of approval somewhere in a database. This could be because Snopes is busy with infighting and pursestring-controlling lawsuits right now, but I'm just guessing.

Then again, maybe Facebook thinks I'm in the witness protection program or I need to hide from stalkers and they believe — in typical Big Brother fashion — they are being helpful by hiding my actual whereabouts.

This might not be a bad thing except I'm not and I don't.

In any case, for several years Facebook has regularly moved me to Oceanside, California. All of a sudden all my posts show I'm across the continent when just an hour previous I was in Atlanta. Now wonder people think I'm everywhere all the time.

There is no rhyme or reason to it and I haven't been able to figure out what triggers it. Their doing this on my behalf has caused family strife as well. You see, I have a cousin who lives a mere 32 miles away in Capistrano Beach who finally posted one day that she sure did her feelings hurt because I was so close and didn't visit.

She got a good laugh when I explained about witness protection and such, but the other day Facebook topped itself with a secret rollout of their newest app. It is called Time Travel Portal.

You read correctly: Time Travel Portal

So there I am hosting one of the meetups for Atlanta Songwriters Club at Red Light Café in Midtown Atlanta. After getting the requisite photos to share with those who could not attend, I went to post these to our Facebook page and that is when I found out I had been to China and back in less than four hours.

Not only that, but the entire Red Light Café itself, forty attendees and the owners, sponsors and friends, the kitchen and bathrooms, fans and artwork, seating and tables, sound and lighting system, as well as instruments and my wine were transported as if we were all in a giant time portal machine. 

I've got photographic proof from screenshots I took. Look at it if you dare. Here is the photo album of the event to prove others went, too. Look closely at the backward writing on the banner behind us. Look, I say, look! More proof we were on the other side of the world. 

Photographic proof that Facebook sent the building and all the people in it to China.

See? You won't find any fake news here on ROTW.

Instead, you learned it here first, folks. Citizen Journalist at your service.

Now it's time to go out and buy some of that Facebook stock because this Time Travel Portal app is going to take over the world. You might as well sell all your stocks in all airlines including Virgin, bus and taxi services, Uber and Lyft, and UPS and FedEx.*

The day you are reading this I will be driving from Nashville in that great State of Tennessee to Blue Ridge, Georgia. Why am I driving, you ask? 

Because thus far, Facebook's newest secret app, Time Travel Portal (internal working name is That Thing That Makes Us Go, or T3) is not yet available because it is still secret, deployed as they deploy all their apps, that is to say, when they dang well feel like it and not when their stupid users need it. 

Notice to #CrunkNewsNetwork and other MSM ilk:

I know you are trolling me for real news tips in order to make yourself look more legitimate and save your reputation, but you just need to go on out and find your own news. I shall not divulge my sources for this story. Nananabooboo to you #CrunkNewsNetwork. 

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Angela K. Durden is not a licensed stockbroker though she does have a driver's license and a conceal carry permit, both issued by the great State of Georgia in the United States. Angela K. Durden neither endorses Facebook, nor any airline including Virgin, nor any bus or taxi service except for Donnie who drives a legally licensed taxi, nor those Uber creeps or Lyft, but she does endorse UPS as they are just totally awesome and FedEx does a mighty fine job, too. By reading this column, or just clicking on the link to it, you agree that Angela K. Durden has not officially told you to buy or sell any stock and that if you proceed to do so you will hold harmless Angela K. Durden, her children, and ROTW (though you may sue her ex-husband if you can get any money out of his penny-pinching fingers...never mind; she digresses) and you acknowledge that you have enough brains to make your own financial decisions and do not need to rely for your stock tips on a columnist who likes to occasionally write humorous content.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Smashing Statues: Leave That Statue Alone

by Kim D.

If you only go by the news, or should we say "fake news," you would believe that the movement for removing statues of historical men who played important roles in the founding of America or in the Civil War is gaining steam.  Well, the people behind Rebel Pundit have gone to the streets of Chicago to see what everyday folks really think about this issue.

Check out the short film below. Guess what? It exposes the hoax of the media-inspired race war over our American monuments.

Hump Day Quickie: I did not know that.

"Yes, I signed that bill. The committee recommended it. I think they are smart people. I voted yes."

Really? I did not know it said that. Yep. There it is. Well, I was not told.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Late Great Flip Wilson - Ugly Baby

Muswell Hillbilly

Becoming an Expert Yoga Teacher: It's all about the touch.

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

1-2-3 Red Light

It's Drink O'Clock: Eight Irish Workers

Diamond & Silk Tell it Like it Is - The Statues and Black Leaders

What's Your "Back to School Complaint"

by Kim D.

For many students, school is back and session.  Twitter is already hashtag sympathizing with back-to-school woes:

John Stossell on the Myth of Cool Revolutionaries

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hey, Crunk News Network: Hashtag this.

by Angela K. Durden

Crunk News Network is fooling no one. More awesome memes. Let's get on a #CNNBlackmail watch.

What's on Your Solar Eclipse Playlist?

by Kim D.

Chime in to share your list. My top five are . . . . 

5) New Moon on Monday ~ Duran Duran


4) Black Hole Sun ~ Soundgarden


3) Blinded by the Light ~ Manfred Mann's Earth Band


2) Eclipse ~ Pink Floyd


1) Blister in the Sun ~ Violent Femmes

Eclipse Song O'da Day: Cat Stevens' Moonshadow

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

Eclipse Sales Pitch: Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma'am! Or Why #CrunkNewsNetwork is still in business.

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

My friend R—, like most men, will use every opportunity to "gitsum" iffenyaknowwhuttamean. Just like soldiers going off to war have for all time been able to "gitsum" by using the threat of imminent death which includes them not returning alive, my friend R—  has used today's solar eclipse to get inside the panties of some ladies.

That is, he has sent out the offer. I have helpfully included a screenshot for you at left. Notice the second respondent below who "kinda don't wanna be alone for it" which, to my mind at least, means she's all for R— sharing some sausage. But otherwise, the sentiment was crude, quick, and pretty much was made fun of by the other respondents. {See left.}

So I replied to R—: 

You forgot the lead up to it. Man, it's clear you are not in sales. Okay...your sales pitch should've gone like this and sent via private message so you don't look like the horn-dog that the above message made it seem you are. (Please notice I said "seem you are" which is called a CYA/Lawsuit-Avoiding weasel phrase as it does not come right out and say "you are" a horn-dog.) Here is your script: 
"Baby, it has been widely reported on CNN and other news outlets that do NOT have fake news and who can be completely relied upon to keep us all accurately up to date on anything that will affect our lives with a negative effect, that the world is ending as soon as the eclipse is over and that most, if not all, people will die. I would like my last thoughts to be of you before the big death is thrust upon us."
See, R—? You will get more and better responses.

It didn't take long for him to message me that his post was all in fun. I messaged back that I knew that and asked if he didn't get the humor in my reply.

He replied back, and I'm not kidding you,

Direct quote from R—: "I didn't read all through much to long."

First of all, I'm not even going to mention the implications to his ability to satisfy a woman in bed that his eight-word misspelled and no punctuated sentence implies as to his attention to detail needed in that arena. So, I won't even mention it here. 

But I mean, really, guys, can you imagine if a woman said that to you? "Well, you know, it's just much too long." Would you like it, huh? I don't think so. 

Size matters.  

That is why R— is not a salesman in these matters. I'm sure R— will either unfriend me or agonize for days over that message because, unlike readers of ROTW, he does not yet understand long-form humor. I bet he also honks exactly 0.0001 seconds after the light turns green. 

Oh, R—, R— R—! The ladies had such high expectations from you and you done dashed them to the ground and trampled them. 

R— has yet to respond to my obviously humorous and not bitter in the least reply implying that women don't like to be left hanging:  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Solar Eclipse: Your Spiritual Wakening

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers of America

by Angela K. Durden

Look what's happening out in the streets

Got a revolution, got to revolution
Hey, I'm dancing down the streets
Got a revolution, got to revolution
Ain't it amazing all the people I meet?
Got a revolution, got to revolution

One generation got old
One generation got soul
This generation got no destination to hold
Pick up the cry

Hey, now it's time for you and me
Got a revolution, got to revolution
Come on, now we're marching to the sea
Got a revolution, got to revolution

Who will take it from you?
We will and who are we?

We are volunteers of America
Volunteers of America
Volunteers of America
Volunteers of America

Got a revolution
Whoa, got a revolution

Look what's happening out in the streets
Got a revolution, got to revolution
Hey, I'm dancing down the streets
Got a revolution, got to revolution
Ain't it amazing all the people I meet?
Got a revolution

We are volunteers of America
We are volunteers of America
We are volunteers of America
Volunteers of America
Volunteers of America
Volunteers of America

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane (Live)

The full live version of Sweet Jane...

Saturday Silliness: Swift delivery of public opinion on them there Facebooks

by Angela K. Durden

When some whackadoodle environmentalists decided to share film* of themselves mourning dead trees in North Carolina, them there Facebooks provided swift, resounding, and better-than-any-paid-opinion-poll-you-can-name feedback for their crazy little selves.

*Yeah, I saw the video. It was horrible to watch such self-righteousness in action. Reminded me of the Pharisees in Jesus' time who publicly proclaimed their righteousness in the marketplace. I took a screen shot of one of the "mourners" and chose not to inflict the entire video pain on you nor waste your time.

You see how helpful and kind I am? I'm awesome. More awesome than any other Citizen Journalist! I'm just saying. (Wait. Hang on just one darn minute. Does that proclamation make me a Pharisee? Ewwww...shall I retract?)

Friday, August 18, 2017

The New War on Women is a War on Real Men: PC Power Grab

by Angela K. Durden

The War Between the Sexes has existed since Adam and Eve. Though this war has been fought since forever, it has always been fought so that peace will reign between Mars and Venus.

This war is not what this article is about. This article is about the terrorists amongst us who have started a new war on females that is, in truth, a war on real men.

Weapon of Choice: Attack the men through their women.

Transgender men are not new, and many families handle the situation perfectly fine. For eons every generation, religion, socio-economic class, and country has had their share, though India seems to have more than their fair share, even having whole communities with a well-defined subculture and gurus. But even that is not what this article is about.

Don't be mistaken in thinking that the new war on females is brand-spanking new. It isn't. But the reason this new war has gotten as far as it has these days is because it has new clothes on.

Yes, Fake Transgender Males Who Pretend to Want to be Women have changed their dresses and used the power of Political Correctness to deploy the Force of Law to attack men by attacking what they care about most:

Their daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, aunties, cousins, and grandmothers. 

There has never been not one transgender person who has ever had a problem finding a bathroom. Ever. Never ever. That is the truth of the matter.

Truth does not matter to terrorists. 

What matters to them is power and they don't care what lie they have to tell or who they have to manipulate to get it, they'll say it and they'll do it — even if it means reaching into the highest office of the land for a dupe.

When the sitting president of the United States pushed the transgender agenda down the throats of its citizens without asking them what they thought — that is, without debate and by decree just like a dictator would do — that is when real men said enough.

Thank goodness we got a real man to rescind those Federal guidelines and let individual communities make up their own minds about how they wanted to handle it.

Both Trump and the men who fought against the Bathroom Dictate were demonized by the Mainstream Media. Leading that charge was that venerable handmaiden of terror itself, the Crunk News Network.

But these fake transgender men aren't the only ones who hate men. 

Socialists, every member of ISIS, and most practitioners of Fundamental [insert any religion name here] who say they hate women with a fierce passion actually hate men worse. They control the men by holding their females hostage.

One crucial thing you have to understand is that these individuals and groups will come after any man who stands up for women. Here's why —

These are tried-and-true methods of war. 

Invading armies often rape women. Raping accomplishes three things. One: It leaves behind children with the DNA of the invading army. Two: It demoralizes the men. Three: Seeing their women hurt, the men get so mad they can't think straight making them easier to subdue.

The Obama decree was seen for what it actually was. Not as protections for those who truly are what God made them, but as legal protection for sexual predators who get their jollies from threatening women.

The three videos below are part of a larger panel on the subject of this mass hysteria for support of these fake transgender men and the real reason behind. You will enjoy.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hump Day Quickie: The Caring and their Acolytes

"See how pretty I am? I'm prettier than you. That means I care so, so, so much more than you and because I care so, so, so much more than you that means I'm right and you are wrong. See all the little followers I've got? They want to be pretty like me, but they never will."

Where's the meetup point? Where's my sign? Where's my validation? Oink.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jerk that knee when we feel you should, Trump Daddy, or else.

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

The old Gray Lady is whining again. This time the New York Times is taking the side of the — and this is very important to note — African-American CEO of Merck, a pharma company, against Donald "The Hammer" Trump. Oh, no. What did "The Hammer" do this time that would so tick off a CEO and make him resign from the American Manufacturing Council?

Frazier "announced through his company’s Twitter account that he was resigning from the president’s American Manufacturing Council in response to Mr. Trump’s refusal over the weekend to immediately and directly condemn the white supremacists and neo-Nazis carrying swastika flags in Charlottesville, Va.

That's right. Mr. Frazier, the CEO of an international Big Pharma conglomerate, who should understand the necessity of not acting with knee-jerk swiftness, condemned "The Hammer" for not acting with knee-jerk swiftness.

Google Search screenshot

Of course, to hear the Gray Lady tell the story, "The Hammer's" tweet response to Frazier's resignation actually tells the whole story behind the resignation. Let's begin with the headline, shall we? 

Question: What has that headline got to do with the reason Frazier resigned from the president's council? Nothing, that's what. But it does tell you all you need to know about the institution of Big Bidnezz and that those who are acting in ways they should not know that "The Hammer" knows what they are up to in cheatin', lyin', and general sneaky ways toward consumers.

The Gray Lady's columnist quoted Frazier when he said Trump was being awfully slow in condemning:
“America’s leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy, which run counter to the American ideal that all people are created equal."

Just how slow was Trump?
Let's see, shall we?

8/12: Charlottesville attack.

8/12: Trump condemns those actions and any like them in Twitter-date-stamped tweet and televised response shared via Twitter. 

So, specifically what was Frazier unhappy about? That Trump didn't say the words "white supremacists" or "neo-Nazi"? 

That's what Frazier says he's unhappy about, but...

...I say that complaint is Frazier's version of yelling squirrel to a dog because Frazier and other CEOs daren't condemn black-on-black crime in Chicago. They daren't condemn Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, and more who fall under the category of hatred, bigotry, and group supremacy by using intimidation and violence to get their way. Trump condemned all hate. They only wanted Trump to condemn white hate.

This "squirrel"-yelling is mostly to deflect...

...from what Trump knows about them, such as these tweets "The Hammer" threw out when Frazier resigned:

See? "The Hammer" knows what is really going on with these people when they start yelling.

When #FakeNews jumped on Frazier's Bandwagon of Righteousness, Trump didn't slow down:

And then you want to know what happened?

The Gray Lady admitted they were timing his responses: 

"Within minutes on Monday, Mr. Trump, in far less time than it took him to react to the violence in Charlottesville, was on Twitter criticizing Mr. Frazier."

One just has to laugh. Ha. Har-har-de-har-har. I am your

It's Drink O'Clock: Born Late '58

John Stossell Investigates: $2M Bathroom

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

Socialist agendas (government set-asides) and prevailing wages (unions). Got it.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Title Obscura, or "Who'll pick my 'maters?"

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

I, your Citizen Journalist, have a confession to make. Yes, I too allowed the Language of the Caring Socialist to creep into my daily use of language. For this I apologize and ask forgiveness. I shall not do that ever again because to do so simply hides ugly truths.

In other words, an undocumented worker is still a slave by any other name. Of all people, I should know about Title Obscura and how it is used to support slavery and other ugly truths masquerading as care.

Case in point

I was out and about one night recently, feeling pretty good while listening to live music, when what to my wandering ears do I hear a but the plaintive wail of what I identified as a Caring Socialist. Yes, it was a wail and yes, it was plaintive. This is no exaggeration on the part of a comedian columnist who takes liberal license with facts to entertain.

Of course, why would there be such a sound in a place where Jazz is being played, right? Jazz is supposed to make you feel good about being blue. The only thing wailing should be the horn and the singer, right?

My head whipped around to find the source of this impassioned wail because it was out of tune and out of sync with the overall vibe when what did my wandering eyes confirm but that it was a Socialist complaining that the price of his tomatoes was getting higher because undocumented workers — his word, not mine — were being kept from the fields:

"Oh, all those tomatoes rotting because nobody else will pick them!"  

The impassioned wail of the 'mater lovers

Now, this guy I happen to know. He would be the first to march in the streets to show how much he cares for a meat-eating animal's right to be vegan, a woman's right to kill her baby before the child is born, and the paying of a non-living wage to slaves so Massah can keep 'maters on his table.

Did I know this is how this guy and other caring Socialists think? Yes, I did. But hearing it against the great sounds of live music simply brought home the absolute uncaring nature of that class called "The Caring" and how even I, your Citizen Journalist, fell into the use of the Title Obscura.

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Original Kick Ass Version: One of the Boys

I'm. Just. One. Of. The. Boys.

Suicide (live)

Sunday Night Beer Run

Bottle Up and Go

Modernizing Hooker's licks gave George Thorogood a successful career and a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Surfin'- Acoustic Demo

Young Brian Wilson was a musical genius and the Beach Boys harmonies were as tight as a mosquitos ass stretched around the rim of a 50 gallon barrel.

Ten Star Good: When I Go Away

I Love to Boogie/Jeepster (live)

Sunday Soliloquy: Flavors of Liberals

by Angela K. Durden

Google Search screen snip.

I've got this friend. Though we're poles apart on many things, she's a great friend. In other words, she's a Liberal.

My friend — I shall call her Elinor* — would never call herself a Socialist and, in truth, I don't think she is. She's definitely not a RadFem, and she believes in paying her own way. But still she is a Flaming Liberal.

Elinor tells the truth all the time. She's kind. She's helpful. Even when she says something negative about someone, it is always to try to find an excuse as to why they did that thing. There must be a good reason other than that person is evil, right? Maybe they just forgot or they are getting dementia. Whatever. But never because they are evil.

You see, Elinor is this wonderful woman with nary a dark corner in her heart, soul, or mind. So pure and full of light, she cannot imagine anyone with a dark corner. In her world, guns kill people.

Embedded as I was during childhood in the ways of The Dark Side (I knew people killed people in a variety of ways), when Elinor and I get together of course my discussion is full of the dark side of whatever we are talking about. Typically, Elinor's reactions follow these lines:

"Uh-uh. No WAYYY."

And "I just cannot beLEEEV that, Angela."

In response to a conversation we were having about genes, which eventually led to the bullying of females being done by men pretending to be a female stuck in a man's body desperately trying to escape, that is transgender, Elinor — who has no clue about and cannot conceive of anybody wanting to dress or act like a female if they weren't born that way — said the other night, "I just want people to be able to pee without getting hounded out of the bathroom."

Elinor meant it. It was that simple for her. She said it with the most sincerest compassion in her voice. I dropped the subject because that is when I realized her flavor of Liberal is called Good, as opposed to the Evil flavor we see in the news all the time.

Still, as Good as she is, Elinor makes decisions based upon incomplete data. Since she cannot conceive of Evil, she does not believe it can exist. In other words, for Elinor black swans can never be because she's only seen white ones all her life. Anything outside her experience simply will never be a reality.

Elinor is so sure Evil cannot exist that she refuses to even contemplate anything else. That's why the Elinor's of this world — good people all, the kind you want as neighbors and employees and friends and teachers — should not be the ones making the decisions for the rest of the world.

You see, no matter the flavor of Liberals, their thinking is extremely limited. In a world full of Evil, we don't need someone to make the rules based upon the thinking that only Good People Exist.

And we definitely don't need someone to make the rules based upon selfish longing and a thirst for power.

Neither extreme works and both extremes are Liberal. And yes, RINOs are in that group.

*Not her real name. Not even close. In fact, I chose as my friend's fake name my mother's first name and since I'm not writing about my mother, stop trying to figure out who "Elinor" really is.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Running Back

Pub With No Beer

Coming Down

From the Case Files of Three Sheets to the Wind, or How to Dance with a Socialist.

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

Picture taken by my good friend and singer and piano player extraordinaire, Amy Alice Wilson.

So there I am. Found myself dancing with this fella who I quickly found out was more than a little drunk. To make matters worse, he had no rhythm whatsoever. So my feelings were already hurt because he was wasting my time. But you know what? Fine. The Chamblee Tuckers Band was good and what's the harm, so I kept on dancing.

His feet kept getting tangled up in mine and acting like it was all a goof and such fun. But then he really proceeded to make me mad. He tried to snatch my hat and swap it with his cap. Oh, hell to the nah! We wrestled for it for a few seconds because that was my hat and he had not asked permission. When I said no, that's when I knew he was a Socialist because he proceeded to say —

"Hey! It's the RULE! Yagottaswap."

By this time, we aren't dancing anymore. Onlookers might have thought we were having an intimate moment as I polished his belt buckle on the dance floor. Onlookers would've been wrong.

Trying to avoid his staggering feet, I leaned in real close, squeezed hard on fingers still gripping my hat, and I explained the wrongness of the concept of imminent domain — 

"You best let go of my hat or you will find yourself on the floor after I give you a beat down."

Still staring hard at him, he blinked a couple of times indicating he was processing the truthfulness and severity of my negotiating position concerning property rights. He let go and backed away. Nodding and, using big gestures, he drew a line between us and said, "Okay. I now know the line. I won't cross it." 

I acknowledged his understanding with a "Ya better!" and then he grabbed my hands and we were off to the races again. That is when my friend Amy took the picture above. But the fella was drunk and as he swung me around in a fashion I did not like, I tried to remove myself from his grip. But he said words that made me realize just how much of a Socialist he really was. He said — 

"Please don't let go. If you do, Immagonnafall."

I got one hand free, his eyes went big and scared, and he started to tilt backward at an alarming rate. I grabbed him and held him steady. He bobbed his head in a huge "Thankee kindly, Mum" that was fit for the Queen of England.

Later he wanted a picture with me and my two friends and him, but he kept missing the button to make his camera click until finally, with smiles plastered on our faces, I said — let's be more accurate, shall I? — I commanded — 

"Hit the damn button, fergodssake!"

Geez, I hate dancing with Socialists, but I am grateful for the stories they provide. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Socialists' Fave Curmudgeon opens on Broadway.

by Angela K. Durden
Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Business writer, novelist, songwriter, and Citizen Journalist.

Fellow ROTW columnist Kim D. wrote an article on May 2 of this year about Michael Moore's newest production on Broadway called "The Terms of My Surrender." reported on the ticket sales for the two previews — 

"'The Terms of My Surrender' ($199,041 for two previews) played to houses that averaged about 98% of capacity, pulling in audiences with a show that Moore promises will be an unpredictable mix of personal and political anecdotes, hot takes on the day’s news and, possibly, a jaunt or two outside the theater. We’ll see over the next few weeks if “Terms of My Surrender” can maintain the same level of audience interest, especially among the liberal demographic most likely to agree with Moore’s views on Trump..."

But are there enough Socialists to keep it going even for a limited run? Then again, maybe that's why it's a limited-run show. 

New York Times' Jesse Green
The New York Times reviewed the pseudo play. Usually I think of reviewers as jealous wannabees, those who can't do nor teach so they rip you a new one. But in this case I have to agree with Jesse Green when he wrote that even those who agree with Moore find that

"...his shtick has become disagreeable with age. 'The Terms of My Surrender,' which opened on Thursday at the Belasco, is a bit like being stuck at Thanksgiving dinner with a garrulous, self-regarding, time-sucking uncle. Gotta love him — but maybe let’s turn on the television."

In pointing out all the shortcomings of the one-man show by Socialists' favorite curmudgeon, columnist Jesse Green has inadvertently pointed out why Socialism never works. Such as these witticisms here —

"...'The Terms of My Surrender' is not organized well enough.... Certainly it falls short of offering seriously useful ideas about how individuals can make a difference.... Details are scant. Run for school board.... Be Rosa Parks. app....His tendency to cut factual corners to smooth the storytelling..." and"...affects a cute, common-man delivery...though the crowd at the Belasco, including a few shills, claps for almost all of the bait he tosses. Some toss bait back, including vulgar imprecations against the president that are hardly distinguishable from the cries of “Lock her up” that horrify us in other settings.

See? Jesse Green is brilliant. I wonder if he even knows why.