Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Worst of MSNBC in 2016

Ariana Grande horrified after being objectified as a piece of meat

By Ecklebob Chiselfritz

Let's begin with a recap of the horrified one spitting on some doughnuts in a bakery two years ago.

Now for this mornings lesson in objectivity...


 ...The "Side to Side" hitmaker explained that she was out with her boyfriend, Mac Miller, when "a young boy" approached the couple to share that he's a fan of the rapper.

  "He was loud and excited and by the time M was seated in the driver's seat, he was literally almost in the car with us. I thought all of this was cute and exciting until he said 'Ariana is sexy as hell man. I see you, I see you hitting that!!'" she wrote.

 The 23-year-old explained, "This may not seem like a big deal to some of you but I felt sick and objectified. I was also sitting right there when he said it."
"I am not a piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure," Grande continued. "I'm an adult human being in a relationship with a man who treats me with love and respect."...

Friday, December 30, 2016

Rock Of Ages (Live)

The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll

Lady Stardust

Fallen Angel

Song on the Radio

Born To Be Bad

London Homesick Blues

And I Moved

 "And I Moved" was released on Pete Townshend's second solo album, Empty Glass, in the spring of 1980. The album deals with a plethora of issues that Townshend was struggling with, including alcoholism, drug abuse, marital problems and deceased friends.Empty Glass also contained the devotional love song, "Let My Love Open the Door", which became a top ten hit single in the US, along with the other (modestly successful) singles, "Rough Boys" and "A Little Is Enough".

The album was rated No. 57 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Albums of the 1980's. Gibson had a poll which rated the album at No. 5 for "The greatest albums released by an artist who was previously in a successful band".

Reason to Believe

One of my favorite folk songs of the 60s is "Reason to Believe" written by Tim Hardin in 1965 and covered by many other artists including Rod Stewart, The Carpenters, Johnny Cash, and Glen Campbell The original recording appeared on his debut album, Tim Hardin 1, released on the Verve Records in 1966. The album is available on CD combined with his second album.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Soldiers of Allah use Western ingenuity to destroy the West

Newton’s third law: Yanking Chains

by Angela K. Durden

Newton’s third law says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction a pair of forces act on two interacting objects. The size of the force on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. Until these objects interact it is difficult to gauge the force either carries. Newton’s third law explains a lot of human interaction. Case in point: I was on my front door balcony the other day when school let out. Two young boys in my neighborhood made their way home. What caught my attention was the application of Newton’s third law in their interaction. As each went to their separate homes, it went like this:
First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! First Boy: Nananabooboo. Second Boy: SHUT UP! 

This continued until each boy went inside. You will note the First Boy is not bold or italics and the Second Boy is. There’s a reason for that….
You see, whether he knows it or not, First Boy has perfected the art of yanking ya chain. The best way to yank a chain is to be calm and act like you don’t care. One must maintain a face that is completely unreadable and shows no emotion. Almost as if one is studying the specimen under the glass. The bigger the reaction the calmer and less caring one gets.
See? Equal and opposite.
First Boy had it down pat. Second Boy didn’t get it and kept playing into the hands of First Boy. I haven’t seen anything like that in ages because usually by the time one reaches their forties one has no more energy for chain yanking of the entertainment kind.
However, chain yanking for social and political reasons is alive and well. Evidence Donald “The Hammer” Trump. He is very good at yanking the chains of Liberals and that large herd of associated animals known as RINOs. It’s been fun to watch as he gets them to show their real selves. Ah. Awesome.

Michelle Malkin's Social Media Minute

Israeli Prime Minister Responds to John Kerry's Comments on UN

Part 1:


Equally awesome, Part 2: 

Well, excuuuuuse me! #SteveMartin

by Kim D.

Seriously, Steve. Please go on all the talk and news shows to address your recent Twitter tribute to Carrie Fisher and simply say "Well, excuuuuuse me!" and do it in the most sarcastic tone you can muster. As a life-long friend to Fisher, you have the right to express an opinion, unlike the outraged masses who never knew her.

Don't just delete your tweet and fade quietly, hoping the fervor calms down. What's wrong with acknowledging that the first thing you noticed about Carrie Fisher was that she was beautiful?

Many will turn to Carrie Fisher's activism against sexism and ageism in Hollywood and will feel justified in skewering Martin for his tweet; however, would Fisher agree with the pitchfork and torch treatment of her friend? Doubtfully so.

People need to calm the hell down:

You have all but destroyed entertainment by censoring those who actually are the funniest among us. We need more Steve Martins in the world, not Samantha Bees. And if you are one of the ones losing their minds over Martin's sentimental tribute of Fisher but cheered about this . . . 

 . . . it's official. Congrats on being a member of the deranged outraged society. Seek help immediately.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ferry Cross The Mersey (Live)

Blank Generation

Oh Tara

Helplessly Hoping (Live)

Baby Drives Me Crazy

Cracking Up


Lunatic Fringe

Am I Going Insane (Radio)

Bang the Drum All Day (Live)

Shakin' (Live)

Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Baby, Let's Play House

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Shout out to Catt

Even When I'm Blue

If You Want the Rainbow You Must Have the Rain

A Little Bird Told Me

Johnny Are You Gay ?

This is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5: Out For No Good

Some Of These Days


Wino Junko

Lead guitarist Jimmy McCulloch on lead vocals.

I'm going on a beer run...

Y'all are apparently liking the tunes tonight as our site traffic is purty good. DM me on Twitter if you want a certain song posted here at the old blogstead. I'm easy it's not just a rumor,. I'll be back in a couple minutes.

Fire on the Mountain (Live)

Come Dancing

In The Dust

Jesse With The Long Hair

When My Heart Speaks

Hickory Wind

Tecumseh Valley

Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

People and Their Problems

Slippin' Into Darkness

Rep. Waters Refuses to Meet With Trump to Find Common Ground on Policies

Sleep Well Princess Leia

by Kim D.

I've been out of the loop this Christmas dealing with some family issues, so I was shocked this morning to hear about George Michael's death Christmas day.  But now, Carrie Fisher? 

According to breaking news, she has also died of heart-related issues:
So sad.  

Darkness: My enemy, my friend

by Angela K. Durden

I adore darkness. Dark walls and curtains. Dark clothes and places. Dark songs and stories. When surrounded by darkness punctuated with bright small pools of light, I function quite well.
I function well, that is, except during December when the sun isn’t around so much. When round-the-clock inclement weather further darken what sun there is. When the twinkle of holiday lights, so joyful for so many, harken flashbacks of evil and dark thoughts of despair. When casually thrown Merry Christmases and Happy Holidays hit me like a bunker buster.
During such a time I am without hope, cannot generate a smile, don’t want to go in public, everyone hates me, no one loves me, no one cares for me, I am stupid, worthless, useless, and an idiot. This happens every year so you’d think I would be used to it, could plan for it. But no! I’m not and I don’t. Every year I am surprised. Eventually, the sun comes back around and holiday cheer is removed and I again become upbeat. But, O God!, help me through another time of testing. I thank you.

No One To Run With

SJW's target roasts, last realm of politically incorrect speech

Good Morning, Mr Phelps

Monday, December 26, 2016

Tell Me Something Good (Live)

Johnny Guitar

It Don't Come Easy

Sweet Mary

A Million Miles Away

The truth about the crusades and Islam

Study: Christians most persecuted religious group

CNN claims Mary & Joseph were "refugees seeking asylum"

Umm, no. Mary and Joseph were not refugees.

 Luke 2J.B. Phillips New Testament (PHILLIPS)

The census brings Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem

1-7 At that time a proclamation was made by Caesar Augustus that all the inhabited world should be registered. This was the first census, undertaken while Cyrenius was governor of Syria and everybody went to the town of his birth to be registered. Joseph went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to David’s town, Bethlehem, in Judea, because he was a direct descendant of David, to be registered with his future wife, Mary, now in the later stages of her pregnancy. So it happened that it was while they were there in Bethlehem that she came to the end of her time. She gave birth to her first child, a son. And as there was no place for them inside the inn, she wrapped him up and laid him in a manger.


Blessed Be The Bad Ones

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Original Version Of Silver Bells

Nope, Bing Crosby was not the first to record it.
 Bob Hope beat him to it.
But Bing did it better :)

I'm Doing My Christmas Dreaming

Front Page Magazine 12/26/02: Happy Kwanzaa

Front Page Magazine

On December 24, 1971, the New York Times ran one of the first of many articles on a new holiday designed to foster unity among African Americans. The holiday, called Kwanzaa, was applauded by a certain sixteen-year-old minister who explained that the feast would perform the valuable service of "de-whitizing" Christmas. The minister was a nobody at the time but he would later go on to become perhaps the premier race-baiter of the twentieth century. His name was Al Sharpton and he would later spawn the Tawana Brawley hoax and then incite anti-Jewish tensions in a 1995 incident that ended with the arson deaths of seven people.

Great minds think alike. The inventor of the holiday was one of the few black "leaders" in America even worse than Sharpton. But there was no mention in the Times article of this man or of the fact that at that very moment he was sitting in a California prison. And there was no mention of the curious fact that this purported benefactor of the black people had founded an organization that in its short history tortured and murdered blacks in ways of which the Ku Klux Klan could only fantasize.

It was in newspaper articles like that, repeated in papers all over the country, that the tradition of Kwanzaa began. It is a tradition not out of Africa but out of Orwell. Both history and language have been bent to serve a political goal. When that New York Times article appeared, Ron Karenga's crimes were still recent events. If the reporter had bothered to do any research into the background of the Kwanzaa founder, he might have learned about Karenga's trial earlier that year on charges of torturing two women who were members of US (United Slaves), a black nationalist cult he had founded.

A May 14, 1971, article in the Los Angeles Times described the testimony of one of them: "Deborah Jones, who once was given the Swahili title of an African queen, said she and Gail Davis were whipped with an electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothes. She testified that a hot soldering iron was placed in Miss Davis' mouth and placed against Miss Davis' face and that one of her own big toes was tightened in a vise. Karenga, head of US, also put detergent and running hoses in their mouths, she said."

Back then, it was relatively easy to get information on the trial. Now it's almost impossible. It took me two days' work to find articles about it. The Los Angeles Times seems to have been the only major newspaper that reported it and the stories were buried deep in the paper, which now is available only on microfilm. And the microfilm index doesn't start until 1972, so it is almost impossible to find the three small articles that cover Karenga's trial and conviction on charges of torture. That is fortunate for Karenga. The trial showed him to be not just brutal, but deranged. He and three members of his cult had tortured the women in an attempt to find some nonexistent "crystals" of poison. Karenga thought his enemies were out to get him...

Christmas Must Be Tonight

Christmas: Snoopy vs. The Red Baron

Christmas In Jail

Roger Miller - Old Toy Trains

A Christmas Prayer

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Beautiful Sad Song

Do you hear what I hear?

Think It Over One Time

Shakin' All Over (Live)

Someday You'll Want Me To Want You

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Too Wild To Tame

It's Drink O'Clock: 25 or 6 to 4 (Live)

How Family Courts are Destroying Fatherhood


Feeling That Way (Live)

Lyin' Brian Williams Gushes Over Obama's Press Conference

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Story Of Sorrento

Euro-trash girl (Live)

Suicide (Live)

Perfectly Good Guitar (Live)

Nightspots (Live)

Obama's Strategy for Stopping Russian Hacking was Telling Putin to 'Cut it Out'

Maria Bartiromo Blasts Christine Pelosi, Calls Her Rude For Continuing to Speak Over Her

Christine Pelosi is every bit bat shit crazy as her mother is. 

Comedians Mock Trump for Same Things Obama Does

Good Morning: Wake Up

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders Makes the Case for Donald Trump

When the Director of a Movie...

is gracious enough to acknowledge us for posting one of their movies here at Righting on the Wall...we post it again.  Be sure to visit director Vincent Bal at

All the Times Obama Said There Was 'No Military Solution' to Syria War

The Rover

I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You

The Ciinton Blame Game

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

This Week in Refugees: Rape, Murder, Terror

The Wreck of old 97

Baby Says

'Zat You Santa Claus

RadioActivity: Lights Out - "Christmas Story"

Original Air Date: Dec 22, 1937

San Francisco hopes to hire lawyers for illegal immigrants

The Late Great Greg Lake

Keith Ellison...Muslim...CONgressman...Village Idiot...

Obama to Trump: Executive Action Good for Me, Bad for Thee

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rock Salt and Nails

Midnight And Lonesome

Louis Prima - Route 66

You Don't Move Me

Men With Broken Hearts

"Wings Over America" Released 40 Years Ago Today


It's Cartoon Time: Santa's Surprise

@CNN tweet spreads vaping fallacies to millions

Silver Bells (Live)

Do Mexicans Really Hate Trump?

G'morning Erryone: Happy Jack

Tucker Carlson vs. Vox over "Fake News"

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sheriff's PASSIONATE Rant Defending Officials in Joe McKnight Investigation

The Non-Rape-ish "Baby It's Cold Outside"

You deserve the right to say no . . .


Crazy About Keith Ellison

Stephen Crowder Explains Why 'Hate Speech' Doesn't Exist!

Is Common Sense Returning to Washington?

by Kim D.

A new GOP bill promises to return some sanity to public schools and colleges. You ban the American flag, you lose funding.  Let's see how quickly the stars and stripes are flying on the flag pole.
God Bless the red, white and blue!

#Jihadi Strike - this should be a video game

Defeated Obama: We Can't Stop The Taliban

British Democrat self destructs in an interview about #Brexit

Van Jones Shocked Dem Woman Didn't Vote for Clinton, 'But You are a Woman'

G'morning: Dominic the Donkey

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

It's Drink O'Clock: I Love to Boogie

Jeepster (Live)

Tour of Bob Saget's House

Japan's SoftBank Promises Trump $50 Billion and 50,000 Jobs in US


Must Watch Vid of the Day: Where did all the fathers go? Blame liberals.

The Flaming Lips - "Christmas At The Zoo"

RadioActivity: Burns and Allen - "Santa and Pirates"

Original Air Date: Dec 22, 1942

Meanwhile in Mexico . . . Guns N' Roses Invites Fans To Smash Trump Pinata

Sweden Rape Update - Boy brutally assaulted by 5 Afghan Teens

by Kim D.

How did Sweden go from being a peaceful, low-crime country to one of the leading rape cultures in the world? What has changed? The liberal media will gnash its teeth and deny it, but the leading indicators of change is immigration infiltration by third-world asylum seekers.  In a country where rape was rare and shocking, it has now become quite commonplace.

According to the Daily Mail, the latest rape outrage involves a young boy who was brutally attacked by five Afghan teenagers:
Even though the teens are denying the attack, evidently one of the idiots filmed parts of the rape and posted it to social media. See video below for more information on what has become Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic.

MSNBC Panel Proposes Censorship of 'Fake News' Stories

White guys apologize to feminists for electing Donald Trump

Gene Simmons' opinion on celebrities and politics

Crowdfunding for Assassination or Scamming for Bitcoins?

by Kim D.

The dark web is a ominous place. Our newly elected president and vice-president should beware. 
Or is this just a scam? Like Jill Stein and her ridiculous vote recount, right after the election is the perfect time to solicit funds from the losing team. An alleged hacker who goes by "The kind Austrian citizen, 1k4" looked into the source code of the website and has claimed,
"This site is being hosted by the Canadian citizen [redacted]. He once worked for a Canadian Best Buy's Geek Squad . . . He's actually just a little scammer. . . "
The hacker goes on to claim he (or she) has altered the Bitcoin wallet to thwart this fundraising or scamming effort. 

Tucker Carlson vs. Student wanting Trustee fired for meeting Trump

Grandma got ran over by obama

Yer Daily Dose O' Keith Olbermann Comedy Gold: Trump is Steering Us Toward International Disaster

Keith is currently my favorite comedian. I'm not kidding. I used to believe Olbermann was mentally ill, but I now know he is a comic genius.

Canadian Police Apologize to Nickelback for Using Their Music as Punishment

Stuck Inside the North Pole Blues

Good Morning: I was Born Under a Wanderin' Star

Monday, December 5, 2016

Renters catch landlord having sex in their bed

Army Veteran At Standing Rock Uses Upside Down Flag As Distress Sign

Talking Border Security with Law Enforcement, Local Officials at Texas-Mexico

Toronto police cruiser colour change “triggers” SJWs

Hillary Clinton's MOST Idiotic Moments (Compilation)

Incest Embraced by Liberals as "Sexual Diversity"

The Candy Wrapper Song

Like You Do (Live)

I Made My Family Disappear #Christmas #HomeAlone

George Stephanopoulos is a Bitter Little Bitch Since Hillary Lost

Yer Daily Dose of Keith Olbermann Comedy Gold: “Government-Backed Attackers” May Have Hacked My Account

Jill Stein is one banana short of a split

Tell Grinchy Liberal Idiots to Stop Trying to Ruin Christmas

by Kim D.

Miserable progressive idiots can't leave Christmas alone. In school my son will have a Winter Party with his friends, even though the games, snacks, and crafts will have everything to do with celebrating Christmas. Now liberals are attacking the advent calendar he loves.

On December 1st, my little one was so excited to open the first window of his Lego City Advent Calendar and build his first creation (two snowmen). It's the first thing he does in the morning before beginning the search for his elf Noah (yeah, we do Elf on the Shelf too). Well, Vox says advent calendars are bad and reminiscent of Nazis.

Clinton's 'Joyless Campaign'

Wino D-bag Attorney Caught Vandalizing with Anti-Trump Obscenities

by Kim D.

First watch the video:

The idiot sipping the wine was caught videoing his partner as crime vandalizing a grocery store by spray painting "F&^k Trump." The damage has been estimated to be $10k. 

According to Heat Street, "Duncan Lloyd, an assistant city solicitor, appears on the camera footage casually carrying a glass of wine in his hand throughout the act." So far no charges for Lloyd who appears to be cooperating with police.  This must be one part white and one part liberal privilege.