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Jerry Farber, longtime comic and famous too, signs copy of book

by Angela K. Durden 

Goody-Two-Shoes are only Socialists in Power-Grab Mode.

by Angela K. Durden 

So, you think you have a right to publicize your opinion? How about getting support (raising funds) for furthering your opinion? Well, there are some groups targeting financial services companies that you do business with when your opinion does not match theirs. PayPal is only one that is caving to the pressure.

The headline in this article  (see below) makes it seem like these groups are doing the Lord's work. But beware the goody-two-shoes trying to save you:

They are usually Socialists in full a power-grab mode.

A hate group has a right to their opinion. But that phrase — hate group — has lost all meaning. Look, RadFems think that all men are part of a hate group. Other people, like myself, believe RadFems are a hate group. They proudly agree with me. Can I shut them down? Ha. Let me just try.

And why can't I shut them down? Because Socialists love them so much. RadFems are tools.

I don't want to be a tool. Tool is not a good adjective to describe someone.

Anyway, just know that with the push to limit online transactions, folks are going to have to go old school and give untraceable cash. Then where will the power of the Socialists be?

Screenshot from online FastCompany article.

G'morning: On the Floe

Tucker Carlson: The real tragedy of Trump's tweets about Mika

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Original Version: I Can't Quit You Baby

#CNN Can't Stop Talking about Trump's Mika Brzezinski Tweets

TEN STAR GOOD: Ziggy Stardust (Live - 1972)

Bowie was an excellent musician/composer, but in my opinion it was the guitar of the late Mick Ronson that made the Ziggy Stardust album a classic.

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Can't You See

It's Drink O'Clock: Roll With The Changes

Liberals* are just no fun, or The Case of the Safely Aggressive Sniper

by Angela K. Durden 

I've often been asked, "Angela, how can you stand it when people write this stuff on your timeline?"

My reply is, "Where else could I get comments like that? I never think them. This is research into the mind of the Safely Aggressive Sniper."
Image result for liberal sniper
A meme from the Internets

What is a Safely Aggressive Sniper (SAS), you ask? Why, it's the person who drops hate-filled bombs on any comment you or your friends make on a topical thread on your personal timeline. These below are from one SAS who was so determined to be mean, evil (yes, I called it!), and hateful, he couldn't even take a compliment when I gave it to him.

You'll note his well-practiced rhetoric. The opportunity for being amused is simply exponential. 

  • Despite your obvious ignorance and blatant hypocrisy, I'm willing to bet that not one will challenge you.

  • I am far more offended by Donald Trump, himself, than any image that Kathy Griffin or anyone else could ever imagine. I also don't understand how his defenders can be offended by her humor, yet not be offended by the horrible behaviors that are constantly displayed by that man in the White House. It's hypocrisy on steroids!

  • And you're obviously a genius.

  • I said an intelligent answer! You've provided half ass excuses. I'd like to know why none of you who are offended by her actions are not offended by Trump's. Answer the question!
  • [Trump] physically threatened Obama. Yet, he remains a crowd favorite among those on the racist right. I'll bet you'll find no record of rebuke when that idiot, Nugent was invited to contaminate the White House.
  • I've assumed nothing except that those who support him now and voted for him then saw and see in him, not only political expediency, but a sense of shared values and a sense of morality that reflected their own.

  • Were you paying attention at all during his campaign? 

  • Have you any knowledge of the policies he and his equally racist administration have promulgated? He's given you enough evidence of every accusation I've hurled. Evidence is not what's missing here. It's your inability to accept the readily available evidence because it would force you to question your own heart. 
  • How can anyone support Trump without knowing the implications of that support and what it says about that person? The only other option is to totally ignore reality. And that is exactly what those who support Trump but at the same time want to claim that they are good people have chosen to do, ignore reality. They are no more realistic about the man than Sean Spicer, who is forced to lie about him on a daily basis. 

  • You don't want evidence. If you did, you'd stop ignoring reality. 

  • I appreciate your perspective, but as a 59 year old black male, I think, by now, I know racism when I hear it, see it and smell it. It's not a matter of interpretation. It's a matter of fact! 
  • Trump is the puppet master here. And he has managed to create a new reality based on some nebulous notion of "alternative facts." And those who refuse to admit their true motives have voluntarily moved into his alternative universe. 
  • And I am not making veiled accusations here. If you support Donald Trump then you are a racist! Or at the very least, you are a racist sympathizer. On application, they are one in the same.
  • You have no idea what racism is. And you rely on pedestrian definitions to help puff out your chest as if you've nailed it. Do your homework before you attempt to address the subject. The silly explanation you posted... 
  • I'll just assume you all want to be right. Have at it!

  • Clearly you are not comfortable being called a racist. So ask the people who raised you, what's a better name for it?

  • Would someone please give me an intelligent answer to the following question...How is it you can be so incredulous over a comedian's obviously failed attempt at humor, but totally ignore the president's established pattern of reprehensible racist, sexist and xenophobic behaviors? How, please tell me how?
  • Angela Durden, I am shocked by your silence on the apparent hypocrisy displayed throughout this thread. It's stunning!

  • My reply to the above statement: I've been in rehearsals all day and am just now seeing this. But here's the thing: This is my timeline, my salon if you will, and I can or not comment as I please. I can also remove others I please... or allow them to I please.

  • His magnanimous reply to my reply: Not the reply I was expecting, but okay. 

If you managed to slog through all this, then it is a safe bet you are doing the poo-removal dance and getting all this crap off your shoe. You are the man! Unless you're a woman so, You are the woman!

*Liberals are: Those with "unearned moral superiority"**, Wussy RINOs, Power-hungry Socialists, RadFems and Pussy-hat wearing celebrities and their blind-to-reality acolytes.

**Attribution: Phrase stolen from a friend. 

To read more from Angela Durden, visit her site here.

Sex Content on YouTube... For Kids?

Shorty Long Died On This Day In 1969

#MorningJoe - Twitter has exposed Trump's 'dark underbelly'

Good Morning...Starshine

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hump Day Quickie: DOUBLE POSTING-BONUS! U.S. State Debt Clocks.

by Angela K. Durden

Click this link to see this.
Then choose any state you want.

Singalong Time: #CNN Ratings Shot Down In Flames

HERE are the current ratings.

Here's the soundtrack...

Cockadoodledoo. No eggs for you.

by Angela K. Durden 

According to the WSJ, the heavily Democratic State of Illinois is heading fast to $16B in unpaid bills. Heck. They owe everybody. What's worse is that the good citizens of the state are still expecting their handouts. Time to tighten the old belt and pretend you're full.

Google search screenshot
Quoted in the WST is Gov. Rauner who said, “Right now, our state is in real crisis.” 

No kidding. 
Of course they are. 
You can't go without making a budget but keep on spending willy-nilly. 

Now the chickens have come to roost and they aren't gonna lay any more eggs until somebody brings some feed to scratch around for.

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Jumpin' Jolie

It's Drink O'Clock: Born To Be Bad

RadioActivity Comedy Gold: Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show - The Flying Saucer

Original Air Date: April 2, 1950

Great White North: Gender identity debate enters pre-school with "Sam" doll

Hump Day Quickie: Self-righteousness in action.

by Angela K. Durden 

“So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you." Matthew 6:2-4

G'morning: He'll Have To Go

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WTF: And no, it isn't what you're thinking.

by Angela K. Durden 

Language is ever evolving. Think about the changed meaning of gay. You ever hear anybody say that word anymore to mean happiness? No, you do not. Does anybody name their kid that, either? No, they do not. 

Do you remember AYDS weight loss candy? Sure was tasty. I could eat a whole box in a day, so it didn't work for me.

Still, they lost market share when AIDS the disease came to be.

Ever evolving.

But who knew it could happen in the world of sports? After peacefully, respectfully, and honorably being called the World Taekwondo Federation  since 1973, the sport's organization has been forced to change its name now that many in the world need to express their shock and amazement while trying not to have a potty mouth in public by uttering three little letters instead: 


So now the WTF will be known as the WT. Of all the things they had to discuss at their general assembly, I bet not one of them ever thought language usage would be on the agenda.

The role Citizen Journalists play in downfall of Media Elite

In their haste to convict President Donald "The Hammer" Trump of treason and have him executed forthwith, everybody around him has been attacked. 

Because of their association with Trump each and every one has been painted with a target.

From his youngest son, Barron, only 11, scared out of his mind when he saw his father's severed head held by The Z-Lister Who Shall Not Be Mentioned By Me. To all his other children, and their spouses and children. To his ex-wives whether or not they live in Texas. To all his business associates, friends, dog walkers, employees, maids, and any descendant of any nanny who may or may not have changed his nappies. Targets, all.

Fifty-three-year-old Anthony Scaramucci had just such a target on him. Of course, deny all you want, but how does one prove a negative? "Sir, when did you stop beating your wife?" implies you are beating your wife and denial only makes you look like you're hiding a dark secret. So Scaramucci was screwed and just had to ride out the attack. Which he did, publicly accepting the apology from CNN. 

"The Hammer" doesn't play games. He calls it like it he sees it. We all know fake news exists, but when Trump called it fake, we cheered and our hearts swelled. 

Finally! Somebody with guts. 

Whoppers are nothing new in the mainstream media (MSM) news game. Hey, the rallying cry of "if it bleeds, it leads" has become the lesser poetic and not-so-sexy "if it fits our Socialist Media Elite narrative, we must parrot and convict." 

Interesting thing, though: MSM is beginning to take pot shots at itself while still trying to be good little Socialists. Read this from about Scaramucci, the story retraction, and the three journalists' resignations:
The story was quickly questioned both internally and externally, including by the conservative site Breitbart News. It was determined that the story was posted without going through the expected checks and balances for one of such sensitivity, the executive said. 
The failure to follow proper procedures is what led to the resignations, the CNN executive said. It’s not immediately clear what in the story is factually incorrect, or whether CNN would continue to report on the issue.

But that isn't the big story here. The big story is that mainstream media is not so easily getting away with telling those whoppers. 

Why would CNN, so overtly lying through their teeth for over a year now, suddenly yank a story and fire...errrr...accept the resignations of three journalists? CNN would have you believe they retracted the story because they voluntarily did a review and found the story wanting. You know, the old "see how honorable we are?" routine.

Bullsh...errrr...bull crap. 

The reason CNN was so quick to withdraw that story is because Citizen Journalists by the thousands have been holding MSM's feet to the fire using the dual and mighty powers of pen and technology to read, research, and rebut. 

Many of Citizen Journalists have had social media titans turn on them, regularly withholding their announcements about ready-to-read-and-share articles on politically incorrect websites. (By "politically incorrect" I mean to say disapproved by the ruling elite.) 

So, kudos to the Citizen Journalists.


Partial reinstatement of travel ban. Court to hear case in Fall.

by Angela K. Durden 

Click the link below to see the video of Mark Sherman, AP Supreme Court Writer, and read the entire story from According to, Trump's ban on visitors from Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, and Libya can be enforced if they lack a "credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States." Also, taking effect on a limited basis is a 120-day ban of refugees.

Further good news for those dedicated to protecting and defending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, three Supreme Court conservative justices (Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch) said they would already have let the full ban take place, that the government is likely to succeed on the merits of their case, and to interfere with their job will cause irreparable harm.

Specifically, Thomas said preserving national security outweighs hardship to those denied entry.

Big double-damn yay. 

(No SCOTUS justice said that. That's all me.)

Since NFL Ratings Are Tanking: Monday Night Curling

Hat Tip - Norm


He who would be fooled. Baby Doll is not amused.

by Angela K. Durden 

"My ego is not tied up in my car," said the high-flying executive on the fast track in his company. "I could drive an old beater and it wouldn't bother me."
I simply nodded my head because how do you tell a man he has fooled himself? You can't. Well, you can, but it often doesn't work. Especially when he's jangling keys to his brand new and loaded-to-the-gills Benzie and he's pointing out the window wanting you to notice it.

I had hoped Tim (not even close to his real name) would get to the reason for our meeting, but he took my silence as a challenge. I didn't jump all over his statement like an eager acolyte rubber stamping his "I'm one of the little people" attitude, so he felt compelled to keep talking about his ego and how unpretentious he was. He said he pretty much forced himself to drive a swanky car and wear swanky clothes and vacation in swanky spots and buy his wife swanky presents.

I nodded again and, for good measure, said, "Oh. Uh-huh. Yes."

This did not work and Tim (I'm not lying, this is not his real name) continued in his attempt to let me know he was on my level, not trying to lord it over me, no sir, he could drive an old car just like me, yes indeed. In fact, he was quitting all those — and here he lowered his head and confessed — bad habits, you know.... Then he wiped at his nose and sniffed. Ah. Cocaine. That explained a lot of our recent projects.

Maybe Tim was prescient. Maybe he knew he wouldn't be keeping his job much longer and he was simply getting himself used to the idea of living lower on the hog. I believe he may have known because Tim was fired a few months later along with his secretary.

Yeah, seems Tim and his wife, and his secretary and her husband got kinky together. Not at the office. No, no, no. It was all off-premises...that anybody knew, of course. I mean, how do you prove a negative, right? But they were all using drugs and Tim was coming to work high wasn't pretty.

Tim disappeared. I heard once that he moved to NOLA and got a job there, but I don't know. Can't find him on the Internet anywhere and for a high-flying mover and shaker always looking for a job, you'd think he would at least be on Linkedin.

Fooled? Not by these numbers.

Anyway, if I could find Tim (I swear this is not his real name or even close though his real name does have an 'i' in it but it has more letters including a 'w') I would share with him some interesting statistics about the little people driving their cars longer. From a report by J.D. Power as reported in USAToday:
  • The number of vehicles on the road that are at least 25 years old is about 14 million. That's up from about 8 million in 2002. Those are vehicles made in 1990 or earlier.
  • Meanwhile, the number of vehicles that are 16 to 24 years old is 44 million. That's up from 26 million in 2002, according to IHS.
Add caption
I am one of those people. Baby Doll is a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville who has recently gotten lots of new parts including an engine. Yes, doing that was cheaper than paying a monthly car payment for several years. And no, I didn't want to buy a used car and inherit somebody else's problems. I've looked after Baby Doll and she's looked after me. I plan to drive her until I die — barring anything catastrophic, of course.

Here is Baby Doll getting a new windscreen after she was brutally attacked on the highway when the vehicle in front threw a rock at her. 
Note her new front headlights.

To read more from Angela Durden, 
visit her site here.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

RadioActivity: Jack Benny - Guests/Burns and Allen

Original Air Date: Jan 12, 1947

Protesting the titans manipulating masses

Manipulate: Definition

Controlling someone or something to your own advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly.

If Hitler, Amin, Shaka Zulu, Vlad the Impaler, Pol Pot, Saddam, and Stalin had had the social media titans on their sides...I shudder to think. The damage these men could have done more quickly would have been...yes, I shudder. 

But don't think the same thing isn't happening now. Think North Korea for one example. But that is a closed border situation mostly contained. It's the ones who cross borders with impunity these days that are the problem. 

Want to know why?

Want to know why Facebook keeps adding and varying emoticons and color blocks? Because they are trying to distract users. It's their version of squirrel! They manipulate your feed because they know what's best for you, so they say. But actually, they have an agenda and it is Socialist.

Want to know why Google keeps changing their Adwords interface? Because they are trying to keep you from taking their business. Yes, their versioning is designed to keep Little Business from becoming Big Business. They, too, have a Socialist agenda.

Want to know why all of a sudden messaging is being pushed that websites without an SSL certificate will not rank on search engines no matter what you do with your SEO? Because...well, it does cost only $100 per year to get that and that is called easy money to fund the new Socialist elite. 

Want to know why Twitter can get away with shadow banning? The same reason J. Brien can keep a straight face when testifying in front of Congressional panels: Try finding the proof that Twitter is manipulating on purpose. They, too, have a Socialist agenda. 

You might think I'm complaining. 

I am not.

I am protesting. I am resisting. I am defending.

Those who manipulate for the sole purpose of depriving others of opportunity are despicable. I don't want a level playing field, but how dare they keep me from making my own playing field?

That is what is happening on the Internet these days. There is no use denying it. These are the facts of the matter. They could rightly be called monopolies ripe for governmental intervention to break them up, except that they are in bed with the Socialists. 

Too big to fail?

At one time, all roads led to Rome.

At one time, the sun never set on the British Empire.

At one time, you could trip over a Blockbuster on your way to the bathroom. 

But where are they now? There is no such thing as too big to fail and as we study the rise and fall of empires — both governmental and business — we see a common theme. That's right! They all begin to believe their own press.

You are awesome!
You can do no wrong!
All your decisions are brilliant!

When in truth they stopped being so awesome a long time ago, they make massive amounts of wrong moves, and their decisions become mired in middle-manager hell.

So there is hope after all.

Just as in the 1500s when literacy rates rose and book production rates rose with it, we are now seeing a populace that is fast leaning how this new system is working — and they are beginning to think twice, if not totally eschew, gee-whiz technology and sound-bite news clips, and go old school.

Heck, even Google does not solely rely on the Internet to grow their own business. Alphabet, as they are now known by, sends out mail pieces and makes robo calls to get small businesses to advertise locally.

Why is Google/Alphabet doing that? It can only be because they have screwed themselves by manipulating their own portals and keeping paying users out of it. 

See? The masses might move slowly but when they do move there is no stopping them. Just like the mills of the gods get moving slowly and seem not to make any headway, when they do move, they grind exceedingly small. Then...

Poof! Google, gone. 
Poof! Twitter, gone.
Poof! Facebook, gone.

Taking their places? 

Who knows? I don't. But I know the future is coming. Heck. I'm one of those working on the future know. Taking back control.

I've done it by creating so independent songwriters can have their own record of proof of right to copyright and license their own works. Proof that is complete and separate from any performing rights organization since they are all in bed with The Majors and The Bigs anyway. 

I've done it by becoming a Citizen Journalist, writing and sharing as I research.

If you are reading this blog feed, more than likely you are doing something of the same right where you stand, and to that I say "Good on you. Go git 'em."

To read more from Angela Durden, visit her site here.

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I'm Going To Town

Saturday Night Public Service Announcement: Five Levels Of Drinking

Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)

Underated Band: The Bell Notes

Septugenarian Steven Tyler of Aerosmith gave a nod to the Bell Notes in his book.

This song rocks.

The Best of Western Movies: Shane

Great White North: Syrian Refugee Beats Wife with Hockey Stick

Singalong Time: The Breakup Song

RadioActivity: Night Editor - Appointment With Mr. Big

Night Editor aired between 1934-1948. Hal Burdick was night editor of the New York Star.Night Editor was a radio program featuring stories about the graveyard-shift police beat reporters at fictional newspaper, the New York Star. Sponsored by Edwards Coffee, this program featured Hal Burdick as the 'night editor'. Burdick would receive readers’ requests for stories in a 'letter to the editor' format, which would he would tell on the program. Burdick played all characters in the program. The stories varied greatly and included tales of war, adventure, crime and even an occasional ghost story.

Original Air Date: Not Available

The Original Version/Double Dip: Shakin' All Over

My Favorite Version...

I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman

Australian Wine Tour

ELO Kiddies (Live)

The Original Version: Who Do You Love?


The Story Lady: Romeo And Juliet

Good Morning: Ukulele Lady

Chimporillas? Paracrows? Hugoats? Never.

Within the alphabets of the worlds populations exist all possible expressed thought; yet individual letters, of and by themselves, are null and void. Within dictionaries lie all the words known to mankind, but is there a reason to read one from cover to cover?

Alphabets and dictionaries tell no tales, convey no coherent thought, take us on no journeys, do not entertain, do not make us contemplate, and do not challenge preconceived notions.

Building blocks

However, they are the atoms, bytes, and genes of higher thought. Without them, we would be no more than beasts of the field searching for tidbits of our next meal. Sniffing under rocks and rooting under downed trees. Victims of momentary need. Casualties of sudden storm. Led by hormones.

Some say, and I would not disagree with them, that more humans than not act like those animals with nary a thought of the future. What is a plan? What is a choice? These people do not know.

Yet, humans are the ones who have protected animals. Humans house and feed animals; not the other way around. Humans take animals to veterinarians for treatment. Never does a dog take a human to the doctor and pay its owner’s bill.

Reasonable people see these as self-evident truths: Humans reason, plan, think, question, build, and test. Animals simply exist within the confines of embedded nature.

Some animals can use tools; for instance, chimps get termites out of holes using a stick. Some can communicate with humans, Koko for only one. Cats, dogs, and birds say Mama. From these few examples, connection to the human genome is inferred. “See,” they say, “Tools and language. Strictly human traits. Animals are humans.”


But there are structural differences that have been maintained through many thousands of generations of animals and humans. There are plenty who study the differences between the two, who recognize the differences, but who will jump through hoops to explain it all away because to accept the thousands of years of genetic stability in humans and animals is to reject evolution and they just cannot bring themselves to do that.

Throughout history humans have had sexual contact with animals. I don't get it and yeah, ewwww. But have you ever seen a hudog or a huchicken or a hugoat? No. For the same reason that between animal species the stable gene path does not make chimporillas or paracrows.

Planet of the Apes will never happen because the human brain is unique among all creation; that isn’t going to change, and it won’t change, and it hasn’t changed in all recorded history.  

Congratulations. You are not an animal.

You, reading this article, are not animal. You are human. You're gene sequence makes it so. Atoms and genes, building blocks of humans, are so powerful they can make billions of absolutely unique individuals. 

Of course, this article does nothing to address the fact that many people act like animals, but personally I think that is insulting to animals who have no choice in how they act.

But you’ll let me know if your cat has an opinion on this, right? (Make sure Cat signs in under its own email addy before commenting. Does Cat have its own credit card? If yes, please let Cat know to buy my books.)

To read more from Angela Durden, visit her site here.

Friday, June 23, 2017

This Just In: Muslims attack Jews in London

Young London Jews at a rave were attacked two nights in a row by young radicalized Muslims yelling Allahu Akbar while swinging a variety of sharp weapons.

Victims fought back against perps.

Riot police were dispatched. 

And mainstream media mostly writes the story as a fight at a party between "youths". 

Read full story here.

Fantasy Island v The Real World: An Illustrated Guide to MSM, Libs, and Everybody Else

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Good Morning: Gonna be 98 and sunny here today

Faith Goldy: It's Crusade O'Clock!

Hustler's sexy hijab cover exposes left's flawed logic on Islam

United Network Command for Law and Enforcement

by Angela K. Durden 

United Network Command for Law and Enforcement

united network command for law and enforcement
Did you know the credits at the end of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. state: “We wish to thank the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement for their assistance”? So they thank themselves. That’s awesome. 
Ain’t bragging if it’s fact.
I especially liked the yellow triangle badges with employee numbers on them. Mr. Waverly, their boss, was 1. Iliya was 2 and Solo was 11. Never saw an UNCLE badge with more than two numbers on it. Of course, THRUSH badges (yes, with a bird) had numbers that went into the three digits. One particularly lovely and efficient THRUSH agent was 897. She wore glasses and operated the computer.
The badge numbering makes it obvious that U.N.C.L.E. was Libertarian because they believed in small government, and nimble, gitterdun attitudes that actually solved a problem. 
Whereas THRUSH (The Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity) was obviously Progressive (Democrat and/or RINOs) as their staff was bloated, everybody did as they were told, no creative thinking at all. And to make a decision, well, they had to run it through the computer first, then debate it, then give speeches about why THRUSH would take over and U.N.C.L.E. would die. 
THRUSH agents gave awesomely evil looks at UNCLE agents. When they looked at their compatriots, the added happy glint of evil plans coming to fruition simply made those glances even better. If looks could kill, THRUSH would’ve won every battle. Sort of like those pussy-hat wearing celebrities and their mindless followers believe.
Today, U.N.C.L.E. would love #standfirm and #persevere for that is what their expressions invoked. For them, resistance was not a state-of-being, it was a result of fighting evil, protecting the weak, defending the Constitution.
THRUSH would view hashtags #standfirm and #persevere as calls to make more inner-city ghettos, set bad guys up in business, and gut and replace the Constitution while themselves getting their hands on the money earned my citizens so they themselves could live in secure facilities and send their children to private schools under armed guard.
Oh, Solo and Iliya. We need you now.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Riding With the King (Live)

Clap for the Wolfman (Live)

The Original Version: Brand New Cadillac


Get Down Moses

It's Different For Girls

What & How & If & When & Why

Can't Stop Rockin'

"Uncle Joe" Biden's fetish?

by Angela K. Durden 

The internet abounds with pictures of "Uncle Joe" Biden standing behind a woman, putting his hands on her shoulders or other places his hands shouldn't be, and kissing her through her hair. Furthermore, he loves doing it in front of a camera in public.

I would call that a fetish.

A search on the phrase "Joe Biden kissing" brings up images I would prefer never to have seen. None of the females seem to be enjoying it, either. Sure, a couple of women are smiling but their hands are keeping his in check, and it's a smile of holy cow what now? Really?

Google search screenshot

Recently, Biden kissed a young black woman at a college graduation ceremony. Her twitter comment was very clear: She was not happy with it. See? Her emoji clearly states yuck on Uncle Joe.

But here is what is showing up as interpreted on social media by the DPS*. 

"Gotta love Uncle Joe!"

"When you get a kiss planted on your face through your hair you know the love is real!"

True, the love is real and it is his love for the fetish that's all about him. But the DPS* and those they have fooled have turned this man's creepy love of self — and by extension, hatred of females because he doesn't ask permission — into a political statement against President Trump.

Go ahead. In your mind's eye replace Uncle Joe's face with Trump's in each of these images. If Trump was doing that, the DPS* on social platforms and in mainstream media would be calling him a woman-hating rapist and demanding his execution forthwith.

*Democratic Progressive Socialists