Sunday, April 30, 2017

Good Night: Do not go gentle into that good night

Double Dip: Mendocino

The late great Doug Sahm...


Double Dip: She's About a Mover

The Late Great Doug Sahm...

Comin’ Home Baby

The Wallflower (Roll With Me Henry)

10 Star Good: Joanne (Live)

Sylvia's Mother (Live)

10 Star Good: Gary Moore - Whiskey in the Jar (Live)

Wild One

Friday, April 28, 2017

Fox on the Run

Brian Connolly - lead vocals
Andy Scott - guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Priest - bass, vocals
Mick Tucker - drums, percussion, vocals

 This version of "Fox On The Run" was originally featured on the US release of "Desolation Boulevard".

The recording was produced by Sweet.

The song was written by Andy Scott, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker and Brian Connolly.

Single Chart Positions:
 Germany: 1
Australia: 1
Denmark: 1
South Africa: 1
Great Britain: 2
Canada: 2
Ireland: 2
Netherlands: 2
Norway: 2
Austria: 3
Switzerland: 3
New Zealand: 3
Belgium: 4
USA: 5
Sweden: 10

It's Finally Friday: Action

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tommy and Phil Emmanuel: Rock Guitar Medley (Live)

Big Town Playboy (Live)

Better off With the Blues

Don't Misunderstand Me (Live)

Build the Wall and Make El Chapo Foot the Bill

The Tale of the Chelsea Tattoo

by Kim D.
The first woman to successful win the Democrat nod and run for president is quite an accomplishment. The headscratcher here is what has Chelsea done to receive such worship?
Please stop trying to make Hillary 2.0 happen. She had her turn and blew it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Gloom, despair, and agony on me?

by Angela K. Durden

Kumbaya is real — until the uniting True Believer is assassinated. Gloom, despair, and agony become watchwords of Forces Dark who undo all the good work and want us to feel bad about everything. Forces Dark want us ripe for manipulation. Like all good undercover operatives, Forces Dark are sneaky a
bout it. They say they only want to help because they care so very…very…very-very deeply. Interesting thing is, the problems they want to solve had true believers as the first faces of it — they pretend to support True Believer.
True believers are a problem for Forces Dark and suddenly find themselves assassinated by a triple-named lone gunmen. School children are taught about the evil man who assassinated our hero. Years pass and what do we find? Why, we find out the people truly responsible for the now-iconic True Believer’s dramatic death are in the inner circle of the faithful. But these Judases don’t have remorse. They don’t kill themselves in penance. No; they work their plan. 
Before assassination, all shades of humans joined together to better the situation for the next generations. We made massive headway because our children no longer saw color as a judgment, but as an adjective. All the hard work we put in was paying off. See? Humans can get along after all. Education and understanding are the key. Train up a boy in the way for him and when he grows old he shall not turn aside from it, right? Right, says our Heavenly Father.

Assassination as regime change

After assassination, usually many years later, Judases are unmasked because the cause of True Believer, on track to solving the problem, quietly found itself redefined. People such as myself began asking why. From reasoned debate and non-violent protest aimed at healing, the focus changed to deliberate infection, reopening of the wound, the tearing at it purposefully making it worse. “Hey, we’re all in this together” became “I don’t trust you. You are evil because you aren’t my color.”
Through consistent seeding of inflammatory thinking, getting along suddenly became impossible to ever accomplish — at least, so say Forces Dark for their purposes of power and control. True Believer turns over in his grave as his Judas lieutenants put words in his mouth he never said, twist and misapply his gloriously inspiring speeches.
Next thing you know, True Believer is accused of being the sell-out, his reputation assaulted on all sides. His children, attempting to restore his reputation, are shocked to find Judases surrounding them. Then social media becomes filled with questions such as “In one word: What comes to mind when you think of the color white?” and the answers are oppression, sheets, “krakkas”, violence, racist, death, trash, Devil, privilege, segregation, and savagery. And you look at all the people asking these questions and all the people answering them and all you see are unhappy blacks.
Gloom despair, and agony are sure to follow as you wonder if all your hard work has been for naught.

Stand firm. Persevere.

One is tempted to ask, “Really, dude?” But then one realizes the question comes from Forces Dark cleverly posing a series of questions about color designed to divide and incite hatred. One realizes that even Jesus himself, God’s son, saw the futility in casting pearl’s before such unreasoning animals.
Forces Dark are pushing, pushing, pushing the easily manipulated into hate. Those who give in to that pressure and believe the lies make lots of noise. Liberal Media Elites amplify that noise because it suits them. They are the worst racists and the willing dupes of Forces Dark.
Many quietly but firmly do not give in to that pressure. I and many others don’t believe our hard work has been or will be for nothing. I believe there are many — of all skin hues — who feel as I do. They #persevere for true justice and righteousness that benefit the many. They #standfirm against the evil machinations of Forces Dark. And they trust that our Heavenly Father sees all. To see my take on this, watch and listen to this first video called “State of Affairs.”

#CincodeMayo - The Free Mexican Airforce

Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Fighting


It's Drink O'Clock: Free For All


Dana Perino Eases the O'Reilly Pain

Will Josh Fox or Won't He? #ISIS #Diplomacy

by Kim D.
Josh Fox, director of the mockumentary Gasland, believes he knows the key to stopping ISIS and the caliphate. Give them love instead of bombs. Obviously, right? Or should we actually stop and think if empty words not backed with action is a good test of this diplomatic strategy?
Phelim McAleer decided to test Fox's theory and created a "generosity" page to raise funds to make Josh's dream come true - travel to Afghanistan to hand deliver a dozen roses and hugs to ISIS. It only took one day to meet the  $2,500 goal. Should Fox decide to not accept this generous offer to put his ideas into action, the funds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Last Night's Dinner Guests at the White House Trigger Progressives

by Kim D.
Yes this fueled Progressive fire this morning.  Check the tweets:
This is just a small sample for breakfast . . . delicious. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mr. Lonely



(She's Just A) Fallen Angel

Seasons of Wither (Acoustic)

How is this harmful or abuse, you ask?

by Kim D.

Daniel Gaither on Twitter needs for you to understand the plight of the pedophile. His bio on social media speaks volumes: 

Progressive Activist, Executive Editor - Heart Progress. Writer, Pundit, Blogger, Democratic, Bi-Sexual & Curious

I won't shock you with all of his tweets among which boasts about how many orgasms a four-year-old can have after sexual intercourse. It's disgusting and akin to hate speech against young children who certainly cannot understand or give consent for such acts; yet, Gaither is allowed to express his opinion openly on social media. 

I'm sure he will receive tons of Twitter reports today and he'll still be tweeting his pedophila fantasies tomorrow. The very best you can do is block or mute. For myself, I choose to report and block but exactly what is the best option for complaint?

In my opinion, what Gaither is tweeting is beyond disrespectful or offensive. So is it targeted harassment since he is promoting abuse of young children? Does it direct hate? I think so. Children cannot defend themselves and the act of child abuse is hateful and evil. And children are of all races, religions and genders.  It does threaten violence and physical harm as it encourages those of a similar mindset to continue abusing children.

I'm a little confused since there is absolutely no option that protects the most innocent among us. Maybe Twitter needs to reconsider the report options and include protections for minors.

Just a thought . . . .

ANTIFA EXPOSED AS VIOLENT (Political Social Experiment) - Berkeley Trump Rally Protest

Survivor Gone Transgender

by Kim D.

Why is this such a dramatic moment on television?  At a tribal council meeting on Survivor, one contestant "outs" another as transgender, a tragic move as we soon will see. The intent was to show the transgender contestant as duplicitous; however, the outer receives a lecture about sharing this information with millions of people.

Oh the tears . . .

Why? I thought we were to celebrate all things transgender. Or is this television writers and producers forcing the issue of transgender discrimination upon us and showing how damning it can be.

Watch the clip below. To be clear, the network outed a candidate as transgender for our mental conditioning.

F#%& You Gluten

by Kim D.

I think I've finally solved the problem at 3:30 this morning. My son is suffering from an intense sensitivity to gluten which is simply a catch-all word for proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley products. For weeks now he has been waking up early in the morning and vomiting all that had been eaten the night before.  Then the diarrhea (or as he calls it "liquid poo") kicks in. 

At first we thought it was a stomach bug. He stayed out of school for two days and appeared fine for three days then was sick over the weekend.  He went back to school and was fine for the entire week then puked early Easter morning after seeing what the Bunny had brought. (He still has yet to eat one chocolate egg).

Yesterday all was great and he ate so well. Early this morning it was clear - this is no stomach bug; this is most likely a dietary issue which has reared its grotesque head and is about to upend my son's world. You see, he is a very picky eater who loves his carbs. Yes, I know the grocery store has gluten-free options, but the ones I've tried haven't left a great impression.

This sucks! F you gluten. I've washed his bedding 5 times already in the last two weeks!

Whoops - excuse my rant - liquid poo attack in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1

Manilow and WFHRG: Self-Identify, Privilege Guilt

by Angela K. Durden

Dear People Magazine,
I want to thank you for taking over 40 years to officially announce that Barry Manilow was not heterosexual. I knew it way back in the 70s — and it was clear he felt guilty about it. And look, if I knew it and I was just a kid, then surely his grown-up fans knew it, too. In these games everybody seems to playing, Self-Identify is connected to something called Privilege Guilt. So I now shall self-identify publicly to you and hope you don’t wait 40 years to let people know the truth. I want to make a clean breast of it. This is very important, so please don’t ignore me.
Here I go: I self-identify as female, heterosexual, rich, and a genius. What that means is that when I go to any of the top college campuses, I will have to apologize when I use the male bathroom. That’s right. I am not male pretending to be female or female pretending to be male. If I were, no apology would be necessary. But I am female. Worse: I’m a female with a small bladder and sometimes needs must, so I weigh the option of whizzing where I stand or suffering the wrath of the RadFem when I apologize to a man. Furthermore, I am a heterosexual female who has never been bi-curious. I have so much to apologize for. I can feel the Guilt of FHRG Privilege kicking in now. 

This is me self-identifying as an all-natural woman displaying what Mama passed along to me from her mama. No drugs. No fillers. No camera tricks. No digital manipulations. I am so sorry. I apologize for being a WFHRG. Deeply. Profoundly. Sincerely. You may conclude the smile on my face is simply hiding massive privilege guilt.
That is correct. Adding to the lists of [Guilt descriptor du jour] Privilege is the new designation for offense: Female, Hetero, Rich, and Genius Privilege (FHRGP). I am also white with a capital W, so you can rightly say I suffer from WFHRG Privilege.
Maybe with an editorial or a sincere three-parter (all in one issue since readers don’t follow serials anymore) wherein you quote the annointed self-appointed representatives of the Guilt PoPo, your publication will be able to offer some insight into this situation. One can only hope. I would say “one can only pray”, except then I would be in another category of privilege: The White Female Heterosexual Rich Genius Christian.
I feel the need to self identify as Female and Hetero because, you see, some men have asked if I used to be a man. After a dead-eye stare and a small twitch of the curled lip, my reply is he must not be much of a man if he has to ask that and [my eyes twinkle malevolently] I whisper in his ear, “I only like real men.” They splutter idiotically (something about me insulting them) and walk off in a huff. Maybe they are bi-bi-curious or bi-curious curious.
Real men — lovely fellows who never have to ask for my female bona fides because they know to check the Adam’s Apple when in doubt before approaching the target. Yes, real men conclude I am rich and a genius. Offers of personal service stream in, quickly followed by “So, you want me to move in, baby?”
You see, they have identified me as rich. Now, as for the rich part, I do self-identify with that. Unfortunately, my bank account does not and, frankly, I am not looking for a…ah…a man of any sort, fully hetero, bi-curious, or bi-bi-curious. But if I was looking, then he doesn’t have to be rich, but by God, I want him to have money to support himself. Is that too much to ask? I think not.
Pardon me, my WFHRGCP is showing.
According to many (including my ex who soooo smart!”), folks in all gender categories identify me as a genius. I accept that assessment and conclude that my assets are many and varied. Unfortunately, I am always ahead of the curve, so my genius will take many years to pay off because everybody else has to catch up. Oh, why can’t I be stupid like all the other people who don’t have to suffer with WFHRGCP guilt? 
I. Am. So. Sorry. See how sorry I am. This picture proves my deep remorse for my WFHRGC status.


Does that question indicate a lack of remorse? Yes. Yes, it does. Again, pardon me for letting my privilege show. I am trying so very hard. I hope this does not ruin my chances for a cover photo placement (I have plenty you can choose between) and a middle of the magazine hi-profile spread.
Angela K. Durden
White Female Heterosexual Rich Genius Christian
or for short, WFHRGC

VP Pence Throws Shade at North Korea

Saturday, April 15, 2017

If you liked Tex Perkins in Beasts of Bourbon...

A Love Story in 3 min. 11 seconds: Gone

A man is talking to God...

 Man: God, how much is a million dollars worth to you?
 God: A penny
Man: God, how long is a million years to you?
God: A minute.
Man: God, can I have a penny?
God: In a minute.

Broken Window Serenade

Beasts of Bourbon - Thanks


Nature's Way

Jimi Hendrix wanted 15 yr old guitarist Randy California to tour with him.
California's mom said no.
He went on to form the band Spirit with his stepfather (drummer) Ed Cassidy.
Randy drowned in the Pacific Ocean near Molokai, Hawaii at the age of 45 in 1997 while saving his 12 yr old son from drowning in a rip current. 

Rebel Soldier

Don't Believe a Word

You Don't Have to Cry (Demo)

The Wanderer ( Alternate Stereo Verison )

Another Saturday Night (Previously Unreleased Take)

Gringo Honeymoon

When You're Screwin' Other Women (Think of Me)

My Wife Thinks You're Dead

Welfare Music

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sweet Pauline

Drink On It

But . . . His Name Actually Is Grabher

by Kim D.

Late last year an anonymous person reported a car's license plate to authorities. The man with a customized vanity plate bearing his last name was penalized and forced to remove it from his car:
When asked how he felt about the punishment, Grabher replied: 
"You're supposed to be brought up to respect yourself and respect where you came from . . . .  If they have this right to take that away from you, then you have no respect for yourself." 
Grabher's family had used the customized plate for over 20 years with no complaints. So, he's going to court to get it back.  His lawyer summed up the situation nicely:
"Canadians are becoming increasingly less tolerant of free expression . . . . You have more and more people who believe that they have a legal right to go through life without seeing or without hearing things they find to be offensive." 
Can't third-wave feminists and others hoodooed by this insanity give credence to the fact that a man using his last name as a vanity plate cannot be offensive.  In fact, offense occurs only in the eye of the beholder.  Stop penalizing normal people because you are screwed up in the head. 

Today is #GoodFriday: Via Dolorosa

Honey Pie (Demo Version)

BOMBSHELL: Inside Canada-USA "Refugee" Trafficking Ring

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Big Bruce

The Wayward Wind

Love and Liberte

Lil' Red Riding Hood

One Less Set Of Footsteps

Is "Retarded" Offensive? #LWC

Now Abraham Lincoln Was Like Hitler?

by Kim D.

Can we please stop using Hitler comparisons to evoke outrage? Evidently one North Carolina legislator thinks it's still trendy and has linked the evil German dictator to the revered President Abraham Lincoln. 

NC House Representative Larry Pittman (R) set off several fireworks lately. The first was a bill he introduced to nullify the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision. The bill is simply named the Uphold Historical Marriage Act. Of course detractors took to Facebook to share their criticism of the bill to which Pittman replied with a Roman Candle:

So Lincoln was like Hitler? The comparison is stupid which is most likely why Pittman deleted it from his FB timeline. But while he was on a roll, he slipped in his ideas about constitutional carry which is eliciting even more negative feedback. 

On this issue he is correct, but due to his Lincoln/Hitler comment, unfortunately, he isn't an ideal spokesperson. It's idiots like this who feed the ridiculous stereotype of a typical Republican and give ammunition for folks to slam the entire party as kooks:

More Bad News for #United

by Kim D. 

Because it's Thursday . . . Joe's Bad Day

Transgender "Mom" Featured in Dove Soap Ad is Baby's Biological Father

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Till the Walls Come Tumblin' Down

Catch the Wind

Flyin' Shoes

Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine

Joe's Garage

Annie get your gun

John Barleycorn (Must Die) - Live

Medicated Goo

My late night Jim Beam drinking quiet time song

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Bad Motor Scooter (Live

It's Drink O'Clock: Sister Moon (Live)

Spicer Slams Russia as on the Wrong 'Side' of Syria Debate, Defends U.S. Air Strikes

#SanBernardino Elementary School Shooting Looks Like Domestic Incident

by Kim D.

Yes - there has been another shooting at a school. This time it is at North Park elementary school in San Bernardino, CA.  The chatter is just now coming in and while nothing is 100% confirmed, it appears this may be a domestic violence case:

Nancy Pelosi Politicizing Faith at Rally in California

Bernie Thoughts on Trump's Syrian Attack

We've been engaged in failed diplomacy for eight years, Senator - lay off the weed.

#United done screwed the pooch

by Kim D.

Social media is in an uproar and United Airlines is the target of today's outrage. Usually when we see such issues there's another story lurking in the background which sheds light and exonerates the perceived bad actor.  Not so in this case. Nope, I'm afraid United Airlines has really screwed itself this time and may be looking at a whopping lawsuit.

So here's what happened.  United said they overbooked a flight going from Chicago to Louisville yesterday. They asked for volunteers to give up their seat and when not enough passengers did so, United randomly selected customers to be removed from the flight. Here's the problem - apparently the flight wasn't overbooked with paying customers. United needed to transport four of its crew.

To make matters worse, United targeted a doctor to forcibly give up his seat. When he refused because he needed to make the flight to see patients at the hospital Monday morning, security came on board and a scuffle ensued. Basically United roughed up a passenger to accommodate its employees.  

Germany: Muslim boys “find their identity” beating Jews

"Illegal Immigrants pay my welfare check" says this lady

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jazzman (Live)

Encore: Something In The Water

My Baby Gives It Away

Small Town Saturday Night (Live)

The Zoo (Live)

It's Drink O'Clock: South of the Border

The Coming Millennial Civil War

Mr Wrong

Picktchers at an Exhibition

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Handbags and Gladrags

Take Me To The River (Live)

The Late Great Marc Bolan: I Love to Boogie

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Thunder Road (Live-Acoustic)

It's Drink O'Clock: Driver's Seat (Live)

Trump haters flock to 1984 movie

Secret Agent Man JoaquĆ­n Castro Is Closing In On...Something

Bodhisattiva (Live)

“Nothing to nobody”? Decoding #SusanRice word games

Monday, April 3, 2017


Angela Answers Job Interview Questions from Hell

by Angela K. Durden

Job interview questions from hell deserve the answers they get. I’ve never had an easy time finding jobs that match my abilities. There are very good reasons for that and explains why I was able to make more money by starting my own business. When applying for jobs, questions I get asked never get answers expected by interviewers. They don’t know what to do with my answers. But here, for your amusement, are my answers to those job interview questions from hell recently reported on by that friendly megalithic employer called MSN.
I advise the reader to understand that I do not lie. That is, in my novels I might make up stories, and in my satirical columns I may stretch the truth, but when it comes to me, I do not lie. Granted, I may not always tell the whole truth — when you read below you will understand why.
But I do not lie. That is, I do not make up out of whole cloth nor do I stretch the truth when I talk about myself. If anything, I often hold back. I do that so often that when somebody eventually finds out more about me they invariably say, “Oh. My. GOD! Angela, I had no idea you did [fill in a thing here]. You are so…so…[fill in flattering descriptor here.]” I kid you not. It’s embarrassing. Granted, my ego likes it, but it is embarrassing because other questions usually follow and it’s the answers to those that are harder for people to process. Scroll down. Read more. You’ll see why Angela has always had a difficult time getting a job.
1. “What on your CV is the closest thing to a lie?”
Angela’s Answer: You calling me a liar?
2. “What am I thinking right now?”
Angela’s Answer: [Sigh] I’m…not looking for a boyfriend.
3. “If you had a friend who was great for a job and an identical person who was just as good, but your friend earned you $2,000 less, who would you give the job to?”
Angela’s Answer: The other person. Duh. However, the premise of the question has nothing to do with reality. For instance, how do I know the other person could, in point of fact, earn more than my friend? Am I not interviewing both? And since we know that past performance does not guarantee future results, the question is just silly.
4. “What’s the most selfish thing you’ve ever done?”
Angela’s Answer: Well, there was that one time I ate the sugar cubes I was supposed to give the horses. But I was hungry. And I was six.
5. “You are stranded on the moon with a group of other astronauts and you need to travel 200 miles back to base. Here is a list of 15 items salvaged from the wreckage of the spacecraft you were traveling in. List them in order of importance.”
Angela’s Answer: [Reading over the list.] Why would anyone take these things to the moon? What idiot thought these things would help in any way in outer space? Whoever made this list has never been to the moon. They did not ask for advice about what conditions are like there. And furthermore, there’s a base on the moon? Don’t they have walkie-talkies and such as that? And if they don’t, then what kind of planning went into this project anyway?
6. “How would you describe cloud computing to a seven-year old?”
Angela’s Answer: What does this kid already know? What is their frame of reference? I mean, is this a genius kid or a regular kid or what? I would have to ask lots of questions of the kid to determine what they know in order to explain it to him. Otherwise I’d just be bumping my gums, you know?
7. “There are three people, each with different salaries, and they want to find the average of them without telling any of the other two their salary. How do they do it?”
Angela’s Answer: Who is “they” that wants to find out? Can’t “they” just ask each of the three privately and do computations in their own office?
8. “You have 50 red and 50 blue objects. Split these however you like between two containers to give the minimum/maximum probability of drawing one of the colors.”
Angela’s Answer: Sure. Okay. The question I would ask, however, is this: When I split them, can you prove I’m wrong? And if you say yes, then I have to ask on what basis can you prove that? And if you say you were told the result should be a certain thing, then of course I have to completely suspect the validity of this question and your ability to hire. If you have not independently confirmed the answer from a minimum of two sources who agree, then why are you asking me? I mean, I could make up the answer and if I’m confident enough in my reply, then you’re going to believe me. So it’s just a waste of time.
Furthermore, impacting the ability to randomly choose is the shape of the objects. Are they all the same size? Same type of object? You know what? I’ve got a better idea. Let’s make it easy on ourselves. I’ll call a couple of probability experts I know and I’ll get two independent answers for us to begin with right now.
9. “Provide an estimate for the number of goals in the premier league.”
Angela’s Answer: Is that the name of the company doing the hiring? How many departments do — or will — they have? Oh, it’s sports. I don’t know. I don’t do the sports thing.
10. “Tell me about your childhood.”
Angela’s Answer: You sure about that? Ain’t nobody got time for that in an interview. Order my memoir and read it.
11. “No, really. Tell me about your childhood.”
Angela’s Answer: Look, we were on the run from the law. He was a bad man. Lot of bad…you know, this is just getting me down.
12. “What are you hiding?”
Angela’s Answer: Hiding? I’m not hiding anything. I’m protecting you from a dark descent into your own soul that you don’t have time for right now. I’m saving you from losing valuable work time. If. You’re. Interested. Just. Read the book! When you get home. Otherwise…
I’m not getting hired, am I?
My logic thought processes are genetic. I get most of them from my father’s side. It’s the thought processes I inherited from my mother that take me around the world to get across the street. Put the two together and you can see why my nickname growing up was Angie-aaahhhhh.
Look, these inherited thought processes have helped a lot of people and businesses through the years when they hired my services as a consultant, writer, one-off project coordinator, and magician. Yes, I’ve pulled “rabbits out of hats” more times than I can count thereby saving many an executive’s butt. So, while my talents are highly prized in Consultant Land, the problem with job hunting is this:
These talents and abilities don’t test well in a corporate environment.

"Yes, Please" to the Plan to Destroy "Clean Energy" Says #LouderWithCrowder

Is Trump Erasing LGBTQ Americans from 2020 Census? #FakeNews

by Kim D.
This latest outrage has a simple answer. No. The Trump administration is not erasing LGBTQ Americans from the 2020 Census. I know that GQ said it was.  Yes, I saw that The Daily Beast went on a rant and NBC Out weighed in as well. Sad to say but pearl clutching social justice warriors didn't investigate this recent fake news outrage. The mainstream media reported that the gay population had been erased so the majority just went with that narrative. Check #CantEraseUs on Twitter if you dare.

The truth is that no government census has ever asked SOGI (sexual orientation gender preference identification) questions. So the 2020 Census will not be any different from past data collection efforts. If anyone is angry about this, they should address grievances to John Thompson who heads the Bureau, an Obama holdover in the White House.

So perhaps the story here is that LGBTQ advocates were hoping to change the 2020 Census to include SOGI data, which a draft of the census shows. However these questions did not make the cut and do not appear in the final version. The Hill reveals the cut may have a simple explanation:
Some Census experts said the decision may not be meant as a political statement. The Bureau takes years to test new topics to be included among their questions, and while the agency has been researching sexual orientation questions, they may not have finalized that research or figured out just how to phrase the questions they ask.
Ben Casselman of FiveThirtyEight confirms this thinking with additional information from demographer Gary Gates who has been a supporter of collecting more LGBTQ data. According to Gates, the 2020 Census never intended to include SOGI questions:
So perhaps it's time to unwad the rainbow flag and let go of the pearls. This non-controversy seems to have a simple explanation.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Bring on The Dancing Horses

Dance Motherf*cker Dance

I Know Y'Know I Know

Strutter (Demo Version)

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Delilah (Live and Awesome)

It's Drink O'Clock: Open All Night

10 People in the Army You Won't Believe Exist

Don't Tear Me Up

There Would Be Hell To Pay

Big Block

It's Cartoon Time: A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith

Tomorrow is @MLB Opening Day: Baseball Dad

Top 10 baby naming rules (to avoid shaming them)

Portland, Oregon wants to house city's homeless in residents' yards