Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Michael Moore to Protest Trump on Broadway? Not #FakeNews

Kim D.

Nothing Michael Moore does shocks me anymore, especially when Twitter mocks it. Perhaps you've seen a trend today that is quite humorous (by the way it appears you can thank The Morning Spew for this one).

But before we get to the hashtag hijinks, let's look at the news behind the trend. Warning, unfortunately, this does not appear to be fake news. Previewing July 28th of this year, Michael Moore will take to Broadway to see if he can bring down the Trump presidency. The one-man show will be titled The Terms of My Surrender and is purported to be
an exhilarating, subversive one-man guaranteed to take audiences on a ride through the United States of Insanity, explaining once and for all how the f*** we got here, and where best to dine before crossing with the Von Trapp family over the Canadian border."
Moore did such a good job electing Hillary with his last showstopper, we'll see how he fares with this one which actually runs on Broadway from August 10th until it ends October 22nd. This appears to be the entirety of the Progressive playbook - ridicule and throw as muck as possible at the 45th President and hope and pray that they can find a decent candidate in four years to win back the White House.

Good luck with that . . .  now on to #MichaelMooreBroadwayShows trend which I promise will be more entertaining than anything the mockumentary maker will say on stage:

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