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My favorite horror movie...

She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man

Monster Mash - Happy #Halloween

Time Warp - Happy #Halloween

I put a spell on you - Happy #Halloween

Welcome to My Nightmare - Happy #Halloween

One Eyed One Horned Weird Purple People Eater Prank

Mommas Don't Your Sons Dress like Hillary - Happy #Halloween

Say what you will, but this could be seen as borderline child abuse.

Bark at the Moon - Happy #Halloween

This is #Halloween

Godzilla (Live)

Everyday is #Halloween

The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead - Happy #Halloween

Horror movie hosts were famous for comedy, not scarying anybody

Back in the days of drive-in movies, low-budget horror movies were a staple of the double features on Fridays and Saturdays. Naturally they found their way to TV screens. In 1957 and 1958, a studio licensed the “Shock” and “Son of Shock” packages, encouraging local stations to use hosts to stitch the shlock together.
Station managers and film buyers saw merit in scaring 7-year-olds and selling products to beer-guzzling teenagers. When it came to a host, they didn’t bother to look much beyond their own building. Who knew that every station had a booth announcer, weatherman or production director who was a closet comic, ready to don a creepy costume?
So a genre was born – the campy horror movie host, still remembered fondly by people of a certain age.
Detroit had Sir Graves Ghastly, a/k/a Lawson Deming. Washington had Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel). In San Francisco, Bob Wilkins broke out his extensive knowledge of monsters and movies and occasionally advised kids not to stay up too late because “this movie isn’t worth it.” (In fact, few were.)
Most of the hosts became so locally famous that they were called on to make personal appearances, in costume. In Richmond during the early ‘70s, the Bowman Body (Bill Bowman) tooled around town in a hearse sponsored by Arby’s. Bill’s old station, where he once was production manager, ran a tribute to him at Halloween last year.
Most of the shows, like Bill’s, have long been canceled. But some are still around, including Svengoolie in Chicago (originally played by Jerry G. Bishop, now by Rich Koz.)
Judging from the lists of hosts compiled at various websites, almost all were male, reflecting the ways of TV at the time. But the most famous one wasn’t. That would be Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
In 1981, Cassandra Peterson beat out 200 candidates when KHJ-TV in Los Angeles was casting a horror movie hostess. With great looks, a shiny black wig, cleavage and a charmingly sarcastic approach, she rode the gig to international fame. (Sample quote, courtesy of IMDb: “And if they ever ask about me, tell them I was more than just a great set of boobs. I was also an incredible pair of legs.”)
Cassandra has a new book out, which includes more than 350 pictures of her. It and other merchandise are available at her website,, as previewed by LA Weekly

Somebody's Watching Me - Happy #Halloween

Squatty Potty #Science #Unicorns

by Kim D.

If you see this post on Facebook or someone, like my neighbor, texts it to you, unfortunately, it's no joke. The Squatty Potty is real. 

TX Students Given 29-Point Guide to Prevent Offensive Costumes

by Kim D.

The University of Texas in Austin (go figure) has issued a checklist to students so they do not commit the unforgivable crime of offending with their Halloween costumes this year. Click HERE to see the complete checklist which begins with the following warning:
You don’t have bad intentions, but your social theme or costume idea could have a negative impact. Themes and costumes may intentionally or unintentionally appropriate another culture or experience.
Similar warnings and checklists have been passed out to student bodies throughout the country. This is probably just an attempt to avoid all the SJW bitching and moaning about the Halloween experience. If all students play along, the aftermath of tonight's festivities will be minimal. Just follow the checklist, dammit, and all will be fine.

Feed My Frankenstein Happy #Halloween

Will a Weiner Save the Republic?

by Kim D.
Social media is full of jokes about Anthony Weiner who is caught up in yet another texting sex scandel. This time he's looking at serious charges, being accused of sexting with a 15-year-old North Carolina girl. One can assume, if Weiner is convicted, he is looking a real jail time.
This could be the reason he's apparently cooperating with the FBI and has given investigators permission to read any and all emails on multiple computers confiscated from the home office he shared with wife Huma, the right-hand gal of Hillary Clinton. As is being reported this morning, the FBI additionally also sought and obtained a warrant to review the all emails found on the computers, not just those which would pertain to underage sexual predator violations. 

This will take some time, folks; no way will this investigation be completed before election day, leaving many undecided voters with the impression that Hillary Clinton's email scandal is not over.
According to CNN, the FBI found Huma's treasure trove of work-related emails in mid-October:
So Anthony Weiner's scumbaggery may just be the saving grace for a Republic facing another four years of progressive and dangerous policies. If so, this is a sad comment on how far in the gutter America truly is, relying on scum to save the Republic from slightly worse scum. 

Busting a myth: Orson Welles' broadcast never caused windspread panic

By Mouser the King Cat

Yesterday was the 78th anniversary of Orson Welles’ famous “The War of the Worlds” broadcast on the CBS radio network, I will again try to debunk the urban legend that the program sparked a mass panic. Popular history textbooks are wrong. So is the latest retelling, a PBS documentary from 2013.
 The broadcast – a play incorporating an account of Martians invading Earth – produced isolated instances of panic, but the New York newspapers ran with them. Why? Jefferson Pooley and Michael J. Socolow have the story straight in Slate:
How did the story of panicked listeners begin? Blame America’s newspapers. Radio had siphoned off advertising revenue during the Depression, badly damaging the newspaper industry. So the papers seized the opportunity presented by Welles’ program to discredit radio as a source of news. The newspaper industry sensationalized the panic to prove to advertisers, and regulators, that radio management was irresponsible and not to be trusted.
  In an editorial titled Terror by Radio, The New York Times reproached ‘radio officials’ for approving the interweaving of ‘blood-curdling fiction’ with news flashes "offered in exactly the manner that real news would have been given." Warned Editor and Publisher, the newspaper industry’s trade journal, "The nation as a whole continues to face the danger of incomplete, misunderstood news over a medium which has yet to prove … that it is competent to perform the news job."
“The War of the Worlds” should have been a footnote in radio history, but the legend grew. Pooley and Socolow explain:
 As the show receded in time and became more infamous, more and more people claimed to have heard it. As weeks, months and years passed, the audience’s size swelled to such an extent that you might actually believe most of America was tuned to CBS that night. But that was hardly the case.
Indeed, the ratings for Welles’ “Mercury Theater of the Air” series were rotten. There is evidence that the competition on NBC, ventriloquist Edgar Bergen’s “Chase & Sanborn Hour,” probably drew 10 or 15 times more listeners. Furthermore, a number of CBS affiliates pre-empted Welles that Sunday night for local programs, easy to do because Welles’ plays had no sponsor at the time.
As CBS President Frank Stanton remarked years later, “In the first place most people didn’t hear it. But those who did hear it looked at it as a prank and accepted it that way.” That is what Welles (then 23 years old) intended on Halloween Eve. His closing remarks that night summed up his attitude:
 This is Orson Welles, ladies and gentlemen, out of character to assure you that "The War of The Worlds" has no further significance than as the holiday offering it was intended to be – the Mercury Theater’s own version of dressing up in a sheet and jumping out of a bush and saying, "Boo!"
Starting now we couldn’t soap all your windows and steal all your garden gates by tomorrow night so we did the next best thing – we annihilated the world before your very ears and utterly destroyed CBS. You will be, I hope, relieved to learn that we didn’t mean it and both institutions are still open for business.
 So goodbye, everybody, and remember the terrible lesson that you learned tonight – the grinning, glowing, globular invader of your living room is an inhabitant of the pumpkin patch and if your doorbell rings and nobody’s there, that was no Martian, it’s Halloween.
We close with a tip of the hat to radio historian Jim Ramsburg, who covers the medium’s Golden Age at his website. Gold Time Radio


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Happy Early Halloween: Night Stalker

Vehicle - aka Bill Clinton Theme (Live)

Let's Rock: Barracuda - Gretchen Wilson & Alice in Chains (Live)

I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow because it's Halloween.
Seeing as how I am self employed it wont be a big deal until I sober up's complicated.

Twilight Zone (Live - Acoustic)

I Love the Dead (Live)

Monster In Law

Hitler was elected through Democracy

Adolf Hitler came to power through Democracy. The German people had many times to elect someone better but chose socialism instead of capitalism and personal responsibility. They chose to blame the Jews for the problems their liberalism and socialism caused.

The video features example of German sub-culture Democracy failure and what our American founders had to say about Nazis and Democracy

G'morning: Peace In The Valley

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Blue Sky (Live)

There Is a Mountain

The Boyzz - Too Wild To Tame

Let Him Roll

It Ain't the Meat

CBS interviews widowed mother of two getting gashed by Obamacare premium hikes

Trump Wins

By Ecklebob Chiselfritz

Here at Righting on the Wall we have held the feet of both major candidates to the fire during this election cycle. Speaking for myself I have been extra hard on Hillary Clinton because she is a criminal. No doubt about it. She should be occupying a cell in the bowels of Leavenworth instead of running for the Oval Office.

I don't have a lot to say about Donald Trump as I neither like or respect him. He has been a Democrat his entire adult life until his sudden and ethereal conversion into the Conservative fold. Whatever. I believe his core appeal to voters is they do not view him as a DC insider. This works in his favor exactly as it did for Barack Obama in 2008.  Our country was beat up and tired of an interminable war and an economy that was as sick  as Anthony Weiner's sexting addiction. Democrats could have run serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and he would have won.

Flash forward to today under Barack Obama and our country is still beat up and tired of an interminable war and an economy that is still as sick  as Anthony Weiner's sexting addiction.

Anyhow...the polls will begin to tighten up each day as Nov 8 approaches. Media polls can get away with claiming big leads for Hillary Clinton months before the election, BUT the in the tank sycophantic press thinks ahead to after the election. They do not want it to look like their rigged polls were rigged. The closer we get to election day the more accurate the major polls will become. Most of them anyway.

That being said I am ready to go out on a limb here.

Trump will win in a landslide. He will handily beat the margin of Dem voter fraud. Democrats thought they had everything in place to sew up via voter fraud what should have been a close contest , but they were blindsided by the Podesta emails that seem to be a never ending litany of Hillary Clinton's friends, assocciates and confidants exposing her for what she empty pantsuit steeped in corruption, buoyed only by political cronyism and a slobbering Liberal media.

Frequent Voter

G'morning: She Gave Her Heart To Jethro

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Houston Early Voting Complaints

by Kim D.

According to KHOU, Houstonians are enthusiastically voting, willing to wait in long lines to cast a ballot on day one of early voting. However, unlike my prediction of the drive to vote against Hillary Clinton, KHOU political analyst Bob Stein suggests something different which, if true, would bode well for Democrats, especially in local races.
Early voting numbers from other battleground states show Democrats with an early edge. Stein expects to see that trend continue here in Texas.  
"Republicans don't have a really extensive ground game," Stein said. "Some of the candidates do like Mr. Hickman and Michael Sullivan, but I don't see any evidence that there's a real mobilization on the Republican's part."  
Trump's unpopularity coupled with a rise in Hispanic voters could bode problematic for down ballot races in Harris County. Republican District Attorney Devon Anderson is down to Kim Ogg in recent polling, she's hoping she can mount a comeback despite the Trump effect at the top of the ticket.  "I expect Democrats to have a really good day," Stein said.
This logic works if the majority of voters are Hispanic and voting against Donald Trump, his proposed border wall, and former disparaging words directed at Mexicans. However that's not the entire electorate nor is it the majority. With Obamacare costs rising by 25% in Texas, it is hard to fathom people rushing out to vote for more idiotic economy crushing policies which will be exactly what we get with a Clinton presidency. According to KHOU most complaints reported were of long lines and misunderstanding about required voter id.

Of more concern is a different and alarming complaint which began surfacing last night of ballot shenanigans in which those voting straight Republican were noticing that the presidential selection was marking Clinton instead of Trump.  The grumbling began and others on Facebook chimed in sharing a similar experience.  

I did a little research and found out that a similar complaint surfaced during the TX Republican primary race. On Super Tuesday in March, floods of people called in to radio stations to complain that votes for Trump were being switched electronically before the actual ballot was cast. 

Again this morning, while listening to the Michael Berry Show (click here where this morning's podcast should be posted soon), several callers reported the same issue.  One caller said that his polling station had gone to paper ballots. If these allegations are true, everyone should be aware that if it can happen here, it can happen everywhere people vote in the 2016 election. If Hillary Clinton wins this election, it should be because the people voted more in support of her and not because their vote was erroneously changed electronically.

The takeaway is this - check the ballot carefully, especially when voting straight ticket. Review your selections to be sure the candidates you intend to vote for are actually being selected on your ballot before hitting the "cast vote" button. 

Michelle Obama's Mother Will Get $160K Pension For Caring For Her Grand-kids

CBS anchors confused about why Obamacare premiums are "skyrocketing"

Houston Early Voting Gone Wild

by Kim D.

In Harris County (Houston, TX), over 67k people came out yesterday on day one of early election voting. In some polling locations, people stood in line for over an hour to cast their ballot. What does this say about a county in Texas which leans liberal? I am a betting person, though funds are low at present time and my wager would be rather small, and my suspicion is that this enthusiastic early voting bodes well for Republicans.  

Maybe I'm projecting how I vote on others in my community, but what drives me to the polls is the desire to vote for something.  Perhaps I just don't see the enthusiasm in supporting Hillary Clinton, but I can't see people fired up to go out on day one of early voting thrilled to be casting a ballot for the vagina candidate, one of the most corrupt politicians of our lifetime. 

Conversely, I don't see tons of people enthusiastic about voting for Donald Trump. We will always have our standard bearers who go to the polls each election cycle and vote straight Republican or Democrat, but in the conservative areas of Harris County, I don't see many Trump-Pence signs in yards just like I don't see many for Clinton either.

So why the enthusiasm?  My suspicion is that some voters are showing up early to vote and willing to stand in long lines for one reason only - to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the next POTUS. Trump should win Texas but the question appears to be by what margin. It will be interesting to see how right or how wrong the pollsters actually were this election cycle.

Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Serenade (Live)

It's Drink O'Clock: Same Kind Of Crazy

New Project Veritas Video Confirms Hillary's Involvement

State Dept. Defends Earl of Ketchup Receiving Prize For Green Lighting Iran Nukes

Nasty Elizabeth Warren Has a Message for Trump

Nasty women object to the depiction of their feet.


Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello

Sheila Jackson Lee Blames Wikipedia for "Russian Intrusion" #VoteSmartly #VoteBartley

by Kim D.

Here in Texas we have a missing village idiot running amok in Washington, D. C. Although she's happy Hillary is surging in the polls, Sheila Jackson Lee denounces Wikipedia instead of Wikileaks for it's "Russian intrusion."

She doesn't have a clue folks. Crossing all fingers and toes, Lori Bartley can pull off a win and send this idiot home.

Socialist Utopia To Silence Of The Lambs: Venezuela's Overcrowded Prisons Devolve Into Cannibalism

Roast those pumpkin seeds!

by Kim D.

I started a tradition of roasting the pumpkin seeds from our carved Halloween creations a few years back. My son, the pickiest of eaters, loves them. Roasting pumpkin seeds is super easy and provides a great snack to send to school.  

Here's how I roast them after collecting the seeds from the scooped out pumpkin inners:

  • Rinse well removing as much of the pulp as possible then drain on paper towels.
  • Preheat the oven t0 300 degrees.
  • Microwave and melt 2 TBS of butter per 1 1/2 cups of seeds.
  • Put seeds in a bowl; add butter and mix well.
  • Put seeds in a single layer on a non-stick cookie sheet.
  • Bake for approximately 40 minutes, stirring halfway through.
  • Top seeds with a thin layer of cracked sea salt and light brown sugar.
  • Bake for an additional 5-10 minutes until seeds have a roasted, light-brown hue.
  • Enjoy.

The Establishmen's panic is running high

With the election 15 days out, media elites and the government establishment they serve are trying to project confidence that corrupt and ailing Hillary Clinton can be carried across the finish line. Perhaps that will happen, but pundits have been wrong at every turn, and polling data are all over the place. Thinking men smell fear in the air, among them Patrick Buchanan and Andrew Napolitano.

First, Mr. Buchanan: 
The establishment is horrified at the Donald’s defiance because, deep within its soul, it fears that the people for whom Trump speaks no longer accept its political legitimacy or moral authority. It may rule and run the country, and may rig the system through mass immigration and a mammoth welfare state so that Middle America is never again able to elect one of its own. But that establishment, disconnected from the people it rules, senses, rightly, that it is unloved and even detested. Having fixed the future, the establishment finds half of the country looking upon it with the same sullen contempt that our Founding Fathers came to look upon the overlords Parliament sent to rule them.

Mr. Buchanan has been a public figure for decades, as an adviser to presidents, TV talking head, syndicated newspaper columnist and unsuccessful candidate for president. Mr. Napolitano is generally known only to viewers of Fox News, where he is senior judicial analyst after serving on the Superior Court of New Jersey. Both are prolific authors.

When Mr. Napolitano writes his libertarian opinion columns, he often strings together dozens of questions. From a recent offering:

Forget about the media’s faux outrage about incidents in Trump’s past. That’s for the low-information rubes. What the elites know is that he has tapped into a vein of discontent. They may be able to make him go away, but they will not like what comes next.

Old Town Rock N Roll

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Detroit Breakdown (Live)

Girlfriend (Live)

I Love You, Suzanne

Say You'll Be Mine (Live)

My Generation (Live at Woodstock 1969)

Jesse With The Long Hair

Jam Up Jelly Tight

If You Could Read My Mind (Live)

Falling in and out of love/Amie

Full Video: Trump lays out his "Contract with America"

Angel of Mercy

Gropin' Joe Biden suggests he'd beat up Trump: I wish I could take him behind the gym

Joe. Is. A. Pervert.

Friday, October 21, 2016

It's Drink O'Clock: Everybody Wants You (Live)

A hearty welcome back to the Jolly Green Giant

Since everything old is new again, guess who is returning to TV? The Jolly Green Giant, soon to be property of B&G Foods. Sales of canned and frozen vegetables have slipped as shoppers opt for fresher options, but B&G is confident the Giant can turn that around. Or presumably there will be hell to pay in the valley.

The JGG has been around since 1928. Back then he wasn’t green, looked pretty Neanderthal and wasn’t even called “jolly.” He was redrawn twice during the Depression and then given a hideous, clashing red scarf in 1960, making him look more like an oversized aviator. The current version on cans was introduced in 1976.

Through the decades, the JGG brand has been bought and sold many times, shuttled among countless advertising agencies; the Giant himself suffered long stretches of not appearing in commercials. But B&G Foods is buying the product line from General Mills and soon the JGG will be on your TV again.

The JGG is one of the best known advertising icons in history, but his TV debut in the late 1950s was rocky. According to Bob Noel, a copywriter at the Leo Burnett agency, videographers tried men painted green, puppets and animation. Nothing worked well because “when you try to move the Giant around and really show what helooks like, he comes off like a monster. The baby cries and the dog goes underthe bed.”

Mr. Noel’s solution was to show the monster – uh, the JGG – sparingly and have him bellow “ho, ho, ho.” (In those less litigious times, Santa Claus didn’t sue.)

I’ll close with a tidbit you probably didn’t know. As a pop icon in 1965, the JGG inspired a grossly over-modulated Top 40 song by the Kingsmen, who also did the classic “Louie Louie.” Courtesy of YouTube, here’s “The Jolly Green Giant”: 

Doddering Old Man Struggles as Hillary's Surrogate

Football Friday: Ingram, Texas - Tom Moore High School Homecoming Game

By Ecklebob Chiselfritz

Our Warriors are 0-7 on the year, but head coach Jeff Kowalski has guaranteed a win tonight against the 2-5 Cole Cougars.

Tonights game and the remaining three games on  the Tom Moore schedule are all against district rivals so mathematically the Warriors are not out of the playoff picture.

Go Warriors!

Yawn: Trump and Clinton at Al Smith Charity Dinner

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Obama Blames Some of Obamacare "Hysteria" On Press

Cry the beloved lap dog press.

Trump: I'll accept the election results 'if I win'

RadioActivity: Tales of the Texas Rangers - "Blood Trail"

Original Air Date: Jan 20, 1952

A hearty welcome back to the Jolly Green Giant

By Mouser the King Cat

Since everything old is new again, guess who is returning to TV? The Jolly Green Giant, soon to be property of B&G Foods. Sales of canned and frozen vegetables have slipped as shoppers opt for fresher options, but B&G is confident the Giant can turn that around. Or presumably there will be hell to pay in the valley.
The JGG has been around since 1928. Back then he wasn’t green, looked pretty neanderthal and wasn’t even called “jolly.” He was redrawn twice during the Depression and then given a hideous, clashing red scarf in 1960, making him look more like an oversized aviator. The current version on cans was introduced in 1976.
Through the decades, the JGG brand has been bought and sold many times, shuttled among countless advertising agencies; the Giant himself suffered long stretches of not appearing in commercials. But B&G Foods is buying the product line from General Mills and soon the JGG will be on your TV again.
The JGG is one of the best known advertising icons in history, but his TV debut in the late 1950s was rocky. According to Bob Noel, a copywriter at the Leo Burnett agency, videographers tried men painted green, puppets and animation. Nothing worked well because “when you try to move the Giant around and really show what he looks like, he comes off like a monster. The baby cries and the dog goes under the bed.”
Mr. Noel’s solution was to show the monster – uh, the JGG – sparingly and have him bellow “ho, ho, ho.” (In those less litigious times, Santa Claus didn’t sue.)

I’ll close with a tidbit you probably didn’t know. As a pop icon in 1965, the JGG inspired a grossly over-modulated Top 40 song by the Kingsmen, who also did the classic “Louie Louie.” Courtesy of YouTube, here’s “The Jolly Green Giant”

Democratic Clinton surrogate is painfully unprepared for questions about 'quid pro quo' allegations

Oct 20, 1977: Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash

The Story of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The plane crash survivors stories are chilling and tear at the heart.

The ultimate version of Freebird. This is the concert pianist Billy Powell referred to in the Story of Lynyrd Skynyrd when he said they blew the Rolling Stones off the stage that day. I believe him.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trump's Not The Only One Who Thinks the System Is Rigged

Presidential Debate Drinking Game: Final Debate Edition

When Democrats Go Full Cousin Eddie

by Kim D.
Well when the sh%$er is full . . .

D'Souza on the Christian Voter Dilemma

The Realities of Committing Voter Fraud

We all know the Democrats cheat by committing voter fraud. We joke about it. This will wipe the smile off of your face.

Part 2 - "Rigging the Election" by Project Veritas:

Bird-Dogging Democrats Reveal Why Republicans Can't Win

by Kim D.

James O'Keefe has dropped another undercover video bomb. Apart of a two-part expose, "Rigging the Election" (Part 1) was released yesterday. Part 2 is scheduled to be released today. Project Veritas operatives uncover the truth about the some of the nastiness we have seen at Trump rallies.  Basically, the Clinton campaign and the DNC are paying for protesters to agitate Trump supporters in hopes that violence will erupt which will be captured on the MSM.

Democratic operatives call this tactic "bird-dogging." The idea is to create a sense of anarchy at Trump rallies with the intended goal of undermining support of his candidacy. The most disgusting aspect of "bird-dogging" is the admitted use of the union, the homeless, the mentally ill, the disabled, and the elderly to generate the maximum shock when it is reported by a friendly MSNBC reporter.

So far, one of the admitted operatives has been fired.
This operative, Scott Foval, National Field Director for Americans United for Change, tells the Project Veritas journalist the sad reality of why Republicans struggle to win in the current political sphere.  Republicans play by the rules:
“They have fewer guys willing to step out on the line for what they believe in. … There is a level of adherence to rules on the other side that only when you’re at the very highest level, do you get over.”
If readers are feeling a bit vindicated by this video, it's understandable but doesn't change the fact that Progressive scum will do anything to win. It's for the greater good of spreading the wealth around and driving and twisting the knife into the American Dream.

The Edible Anus and Why Culture Sucks

by Kim D.

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day! It's time to take to social media and share a picture of your favorite dessert - the chocolate cupcake:
Mmmmm  . . . they do look delicious but beware the other chocolate tasties which will try to hijack the day:

Proof, yet again, why we can't have nice things. 25 delicious anus-shaped chocolates cost only $38.95. Don't rush to order though - currently these chocolate delicacies are sold out

Can't we please just have one normal day? Or has our ability as a culture to take simple things and utterly destroy them the norm now? 

Top 10 Wikileaks Hillary Reveals You Must Know

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peak Analysis - Whom Will Negan Kill?

According to spoilers at DragonCon, this review gets it right. More than one of Rick's group will be Lucilled to death. Abraham and Glenn. Tune in to AMC next Sunday to see if predictions are true. 

Toddler wants to stay on stage with Trump

How Trump Can Knock Out Hillary In The Final Debate

Some disturbing comments from Russia

You may have lost interest in our petty and tiresome presidential campaign long ago, but in Russia they seem to be paying attention. If statements from certain parties are to be believed, we are living a replay of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, minus the PSAs urging you to tune to 640 or 1240 on the AM radio dial should A-bombs start falling.

Zhirinovsky is an unabashed fan of Trump and claims to have once met him. He calls Clinton “an evil mother-in-law” and says he doesn’t think a woman should be elected U.S. president. “Most Americans should choose Trump because men have been leading for millions of years. You can’t take the risk of having one of the richest, most powerful countries led by a woman president.”

Hey, what about Germany’s Angela Merkel? (Oh, wait … bad example.)

Is the point of this story to influence the election? To support Trump? Or to discredit him and tie him to the Russians? All that really makes no difference. Similarly, stories about Putin ordering Russian students to return to the homeland from abroad and involving 40 million citizens in defense drills have gotten no traction on these shores.

This orange cat doesn’t know much, but he knows this: If you told a hard-core Hillary fan that their vote would bring the destruction of all humanity, they’d proudly vote for her anyway.

Make America Very Ok Again - Vote Shoe 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ooh La La (live)

Just What The Doctor Ordered (Live)

The story behind Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Me and Bobby McGee’


“Me and Bobby McGee” is one of Kris Kristofferson’s most famous and widely covered songs, with everyone from Janis Joplin to Pink putting their own spin on it since 1969.
It’s often misinterpreted as Kristofferson’s love song to Joplin, because her bluesy rendition has overshadowed all other versions. She recorded the song right before her death in 1970 and it topped the U.S. singles chart in 1971.

But the real inspiration for the song came from producer and co-writer Fred Foster, who will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday along with Charlie Daniels and Randy Travis, and a young secretary named Barbara McKee.

Foster helped launch the careers of artists like Kristofferson, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton. In the 1960s, Foster moved his record label Monument Records from Washington, D.C., to Tennessee in a building owned by his friend and songwriter Boudleaux Bryant.

 McKee, whose last name is now Eden, was a 29-year-old working as Bryant’s secretary and went by the nickname Bobbie.

“So I ran down about the fourth or fifth time this particular day and Boudleaux says, ‘I don’t think you’re coming to see me at all. I think you’re coming to see Bobbie,'” Foster said.

“It seemed like he liked to tease me a little bit and one day he said, ‘I am going to write a song about me and Bobbie McKee,” Eden said...   READ MORE

RadioActivity: I was a Communist for the FBI - "Draw the Red Curtain"

When it comes to #Obamacare, the president has broken the law. Here's how.

Running Moonshine on Highway 9

If Political Discussions with Your Family Were Like Presidential Debates

Trump Needs Your Final Debate Input

by Kim D.

The Trump/Pence campaign has emailed a Final Debate Survey. Click HERE to participate. You can simply select from prepared answers . . .

 . . .  but please consider selecting "Other, please specify" to all questions and detailing exactly what Trump must do if he wants your vote.

PURE FLINT! #LouderWithCrowder

Houston 911 Operator "Ain't Got Time for This"

by Kim D.

Imagine hearing a loud crash in the middle in the night and quickly realizing you are a victim of a home invasion. Even if equipped with firearm protection, chances are high that you would quickly dial 911 for police help. What if a loved one needs medical assistance? Even if you are a doctor, chances are pretty good that you would also call 911 knowing this is the quickest way to request EMT services.

As dire as those circumstances seem, imagine how worse they would be if the 911 operator hung up on you or dismissed your plea as non-help worthy. Unfortunately, that's exactly what a Houston 911 operator has allegedly done; she's been accused of hanging up on emergency calls. Houston Eyewitness News reports:

Back in March, Jim Moten said he called 911 after witnessing two vehicles speeding down Highway 45, and seconds into his call, it dropped, or so he thought." What I thought at the time I thought my phone had dropped the call," said Jim Moten. "Come to find out I was hung up on." 
According to court documents, [Crenshanda] Williams was the 911 operator that took Moten's call. The documents show that before Moten could finish explaining, she hung up and said, "Ain't nobody got time for this. For real."
Back in March, Williams allegedly hung up on a man who called 911 in what would turn out to be a fatal robbery. The store owner was, in fact, killed by the perpetrator. Tapes reveal that before hanging up on the man, the operator sighed:
Hua Li called 911 to report a robbery after seeing a gunman trying to force his way behind the counter at a convenience store. As he ran to his car, he heard gunshots." 
They just said, 'This is 911. How can I help you?' " Li told KPRC. "I was trying to finish my sentence, and we got disconnected." 
Li called again and got another operator, but by the time police arrived, the store's manager had been shot dead.
"Nobody, nobody is going to help you" if 911 isn't there for you, Li said. "You're on your own." 
Williams has been fired and will appear in court next week to answer for charges of interfering with an emergency called.  She sighed and someone died.


It's Cartoon Time: Diver Dan- Skippers Gold

CNN hacks/hackettes really loved Michelle Obama's speech

Who Were You Thinking Of

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hillary Surrogate Dick Bimbo: West Virginia Miners Believe Climate Change Cost Them Their Jobs

Cut - When Even an Actress Can't Endorse Hillary

Don't Hack Our Vote

Trump and Hillary vs. the Living Dead

The fix is in -- but, then again, we all knew that

Have you been following Wikileaks’ release of e-mails to and from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta? Interesting items come out in dribs and drabs, mostly ignored by big media outlets. It could be argued there isn’t much news in them.

If you didn’t realize the Democrats have chummy relationships with the media, didn’t realize Hillary is as two-faced as a newspaper management type, didn’t realize she treats ordinary Americans with contempt, didn’t realize her people fret endlessly about her husband’s sex life and the sleazy doings of the Clinton Foundation, you haven’t been paying attention. Maybe you’ve been determined not to.

The Clinton camp has made ineffectual stabs at trying to discredit this massive leak, insinuating that some of the e-mails are fake (they aren’t) or that Russian hackers are behind them. Nothing sticks, mostly because Wikileaks has won journalism awards in its 10-year history. Clinton flack Brian Fallon even tweeted:
Since their lies aren’t flying, Clinton defenders must count on their operatives in the media playing defense. There are indications that no dissent will be tolerated by the elites, with Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs the outliers. (My post-election prediction: Sean makes good on his threat to move to Texas, concentrating on radio, and Dobbs, in disgust, retires again.)

Of course, it remains to be seen whether “those with the greatest influence” actually have it. It is interesting that of the top 100 newspapers, not a single one endorsed Trump. Some sat out; many of the Hillary endorsements were lukewarm. Whether newspapers’ editorial boards retain any influence is an open question. Since they won’t consider any opinions not embraced by leftists, my take is that they will change minds by the handful and lose readers by the boatload, exacerbating prevailing trends in a business long bent on committing suicide.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who Needs a Haunted Doll?

by Kim D.

If you have $9K burning a hole in your pocket, this might just be the Halloween decoration for you. The Haunted Doll.

Ebay seller sarcazmofunhouse claims the doll is a relic and possessed by demons. She (or he) calls the doll "Chucky's sister."
"5 years from now, this doll will be an URBAN LEGEND and even more of an enigma." 
Originally appearing this past April on Oklahoma City's Craigslist, the seller claims:
So far no one has dared to bid on Chucky's Sister, so if you are interested, make an offer. You might get a deal but the seller warns: