Sunday, June 25, 2017

RadioActivity: Jack Benny - Guests/Burns and Allen

Original Air Date: Jan 12, 1947

Protesting the titans manipulating masses

Manipulate: Definition

Controlling someone or something to your own advantage, often unfairly or dishonestly.

If Hitler, Amin, Shaka Zulu, Vlad the Impaler, Pol Pot, Saddam, and Stalin had had the social media titans on their sides...I shudder to think. The damage these men could have done more quickly would have been...yes, I shudder. 

But don't think the same thing isn't happening now. Think North Korea for one example. But that is a closed border situation mostly contained. It's the ones who cross borders with impunity these days that are the problem. 

Want to know why?

Want to know why Facebook keeps adding and varying emoticons and color blocks? Because they are trying to distract users. It's their version of squirrel! They manipulate your feed because they know what's best for you, so they say. But actually, they have an agenda and it is Socialist.

Want to know why Google keeps changing their Adwords interface? Because they are trying to keep you from taking their business. Yes, their versioning is designed to keep Little Business from becoming Big Business. They, too, have a Socialist agenda.

Want to know why all of a sudden messaging is being pushed that websites without an SSL certificate will not rank on search engines no matter what you do with your SEO? Because...well, it does cost only $100 per year to get that and that is called easy money to fund the new Socialist elite. 

Want to know why Twitter can get away with shadow banning? The same reason J. Brien can keep a straight face when testifying in front of Congressional panels: Try finding the proof that Twitter is manipulating on purpose. They, too, have a Socialist agenda. 

You might think I'm complaining. 

I am not.

I am protesting. I am resisting. I am defending.

Those who manipulate for the sole purpose of depriving others of opportunity are despicable. I don't want a level playing field, but how dare they keep me from making my own playing field?

That is what is happening on the Internet these days. There is no use denying it. These are the facts of the matter. They could rightly be called monopolies ripe for governmental intervention to break them up, except that they are in bed with the Socialists. 

Too big to fail?

At one time, all roads led to Rome.

At one time, the sun never set on the British Empire.

At one time, you could trip over a Blockbuster on your way to the bathroom. 

But where are they now? There is no such thing as too big to fail and as we study the rise and fall of empires — both governmental and business — we see a common theme. That's right! They all begin to believe their own press.

You are awesome!
You can do no wrong!
All your decisions are brilliant!

When in truth they stopped being so awesome a long time ago, they make massive amounts of wrong moves, and their decisions become mired in middle-manager hell.

So there is hope after all.

Just as in the 1500s when literacy rates rose and book production rates rose with it, we are now seeing a populace that is fast leaning how this new system is working — and they are beginning to think twice, if not totally eschew, gee-whiz technology and sound-bite news clips, and go old school.

Heck, even Google does not solely rely on the Internet to grow their own business. Alphabet, as they are now known by, sends out mail pieces and makes robo calls to get small businesses to advertise locally.

Why is Google/Alphabet doing that? It can only be because they have screwed themselves by manipulating their own portals and keeping paying users out of it. 

See? The masses might move slowly but when they do move there is no stopping them. Just like the mills of the gods get moving slowly and seem not to make any headway, when they do move, they grind exceedingly small. Then...

Poof! Google, gone. 
Poof! Twitter, gone.
Poof! Facebook, gone.

Taking their places? 

Who knows? I don't. But I know the future is coming. Heck. I'm one of those working on the future know. Taking back control.

I've done it by creating so independent songwriters can have their own record of proof of right to copyright and license their own works. Proof that is complete and separate from any performing rights organization since they are all in bed with The Majors and The Bigs anyway. 

I've done it by becoming a Citizen Journalist, writing and sharing as I research.

If you are reading this blog feed, more than likely you are doing something of the same right where you stand, and to that I say "Good on you. Go git 'em."

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm Going To Town

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Underated Band: The Bell Notes

Septugenarian Steven Tyler of Aerosmith gave a nod to the Bell Notes in his book.

This song rocks.

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RadioActivity: Night Editor - Appointment With Mr. Big

Night Editor aired between 1934-1948. Hal Burdick was night editor of the New York Star.Night Editor was a radio program featuring stories about the graveyard-shift police beat reporters at fictional newspaper, the New York Star. Sponsored by Edwards Coffee, this program featured Hal Burdick as the 'night editor'. Burdick would receive readers’ requests for stories in a 'letter to the editor' format, which would he would tell on the program. Burdick played all characters in the program. The stories varied greatly and included tales of war, adventure, crime and even an occasional ghost story.

Original Air Date: Not Available

The Original Version/Double Dip: Shakin' All Over

My Favorite Version...