Sunday, June 3, 2018

Goodbye, Netflix and Starbucks. Ye shall not be missed.

Neither Snickers Bar nor
Mars, Incorporated,
have paid Angela
for her endorsement...
and that is a
frickin', cryin' shame
because they are
missing out on a
great opportunity
to have the
of a hot mess.
by Angela K. Durden
The Most Brilliant, Most Funniest, Most Insightful, and Absolutely the Smartest Woman in the World

On May 29, 2018, I cancelled my Netflix subscription after having been a customer for over 10 years. There were three reasons for my action.

One: I had been unhappy with their lineup for about 18 months. I like to watch comedians and comediennes. But I quickly found that all on Netflix lineup, no matter the country from which they hailed, were idiots.

And I found they steal routines from each other, so over and over I was hearing the same stories with minor variations.

I have no problem with venom and spit during a routine. Hey, get mean. Get nasty. But then they would all start on their kumbaya moment of "Don't We All Just Hate His Orangeness?" routine while completely ignoring the huge comedy potential of J. Brien Comey and Company.

In other words, they were not equal opportunity jokesters. Please stop boring me, Netflix! And many shows in their distribution package felt that same pushing of a liberal agenda. I was unhappy but not motivated enough to quit the service.

Then I found out that, two: Netflix announces some sort of development deal with Big O and his wife. Then it was announced in a splashy fashion that former ambassador Susan "The Video Made Benghazi Happen" Rice is appointed to the Netflix board.

I didn't like evil being rewarded with my dollars, so I immediately went to my computer and cancelled Netflix. In their Customer Exit Interview, they asked why and gave me an opportunity to choose one. I said "Changing service." They had no further questions.

Why I haven't been to Starbucks in ages.

I've written about the Starbucks schizoid approach to business here and here. I have a Starbucks app on my phone wherein I can log in and pay and get my reward points. I used it all the time. Since I never drank their coffee, and did like the frozen things a lot, it made sense to have a lot of meetings around town at Starbucks. 

But with their recent corporate / social justice warrior crap, I haven't been to one of their stores even though I have a balance on my card. So I got a notice from them in the email that looked like this:

Whose business is hurting already? Do I care?

I don't because Starbucks doesn't care about — and is insulting of — their employees and their paying customers. I shall not spend my money there again and have chosen to spend it at my locally owned independent coffee shops and at home. 

As a matter of practical fact, such ploys by evil people (and a corporation is a person) will not stop. To think otherwise is to live in a state of constant frustration that does not allow for clear thinking.

Recently, when the little pretty boy lead the lie-in at Publix, the company had to ask themselves the question: Is this the hill on which we want to die? The answer is: No. And, rightly, there is no way they could win a battle against an young, impassioned, "caring" dictator in the making. But can they win the war? Yes.

How do they do that? Knowing when to retreat and having the guts to retreat. These are valuable talents. Not all battles are won head on. The little boy leading this latest charge — Hoge is his name? — and his acolytes will have their day in the sun.

But just like other dictators who also have their days in the sun, this little child will not prevail because he knows only one thing: How to attack. He does not know how to lead. He does not have the guts nor the stamina or brains to do the hard work involved in creating jobs, running a city, state, or government and serving the entire populace. 

I daresay there are quite a few besides myself are making the same sort of moves. Like this guy: 

But Starbucks is worse because they are a for-profit company throwing their employees — and their current paying customers — under the bus by calling them all racist, insensitive pigs.

Netflix will be losing subscribers (like they lost me) because they are toadying favor — with whom is not yet clear, but you just wait and see. I have left Starbucks.

However, I will continue to shop at Publix because I betcha they have a plan. They aren't advertising that plan to everybody. I mean, why tell your enemies what you're really up to, right?  Evil is always well-funded, especially institutionalized evil. But it never lasts for long.

I'm not the only one unhappy with and leaving Starbucks. Watch this fellow: 

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