Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Your righteous indignation is my overreaction? Wait...I'm confused.

Angela the Anonymous.
by Angela K. Durden
The Most Brilliant Woman in the World

If you didn't see the story wherein two black males were arrested and perp-walked out the front door of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, Starbucks, well then, it is obvious you aren't woke enough.

The woman who filmed it on her smart phone immediately put it up on YouTube wherein, self-reported by herself, within two days 4.5 million hits were accrued. The news story about her hits had her gushing madly about the video going viral. This report of her viral video showed up almost before the story hit the FLOTSAM* mainstream media.

But that report barely mentioned a peep about the incident itself.

The denouement came fast enough when the Starbucks store manager and Corporate came to an agreement that their work relationship would end, after which CEO Kevin Johnson says — caring drum roll, please — they will implement Unconscious Bias Training.

Next came protesters. Signs were hoisted (Is she fired or nah?) Chants were heard (Starbucks Coffee is anti-black! and Anti-blackness anywhere is anti-blackness everywhere!)

Then came the Bacefook posts from my peeps ranting against all Starbucks and their employees everywhere and calling them racists.

I've been in many Starbucks. Everybody gets treated the same: Order is taken with a disdainful smile and burnt coffee is served with bored affect.

It is at times like this Angela wishes she could remain truly anonymous in her postings on social media. Yes, Angela K. Durden, The Most Brilliant Woman in the World, did something stupid: She told a black man that she knows in real life, V—, that he was overreacting in his condemnation of all the company's employees.

I thought V— would understand my comment since he was protesting the overreaction of one person (the manager) about two guys (black) waiting for their friend (white). You see, V— believes his overreaction is righteous indignation and that trumps everything else.

But did V— ask what caused the manager's reaction in the first place?

No, he did not. 

Not only did V— not understand Angela's comment, before she knew it Angela was being villified, called names, and so forth by both her friend and his friends. She also received massively long messages that, by the time she got to the end of them, made her realize the man must be mentally unstable.

I'm serious. This is not me throwing about mentally unstable as if it was a silly last-ditch diss, but me truthfully worried about him. What's worse is there is nothing I can do except...


Notice I did not say Unfriend him. That would simply be too cruel because he would notice. And then he would kill himself. And next thing you know I'd be hounded by the SM police. (Gitcher head out of the gutter. SM stands for Social Media, not Sado Masochistic. Geez, you people.)

So unfollow it was. That just means his posts won't show up on my feed and that I have to go looking for him. At least...that's what unfollow used to mean, but what with all the algorithm changes, I bet you somebody somewhere has flagged communications between us and will now make his stuff show up as soon as I log on so they can start a war.

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