Saturday, June 17, 2017

Progressives love job creation, but God forbid they actually make anything.

Progressives love job creation but not in the private sector. They love bloated government. They love bureaucracy. These days we call these unelected officials the Administrative State. Political appointees hold a massive amount of "screw you, your mother, and the horse you rode in on" power that is absolutely unregulated.

As USAToday reports on June 12, 2017:
But today, the laws that actually affect people and businesses are seldom written by Congress; instead they are created by administrative agencies through a process of “informal rulemaking,” a process whose chief virtue is that it’s easy for the rulers to engage in, and hard for the ruled to observe or influence.
Did you see the video of Donald "The Hammer" Trump dropping notebooks of overregulation to the floor? Oh, it was sweet. Here's the link. (The fun begins at 00:27) The President hates red tape because it destroys opportunity for job creation. It destroys opportunities to gitterdun.

That's why the infrastructure in this country is going kaput. Progressives love job creation, but God forbid they approve the actual making of anything.

Municipal water pipes? Broken.
Sewage systems? Leaking.
Bridges? Decayed.
Roads? Crumbling. 

When legislation exists so legislators and enforcers can have jobs, it's bad legislation that's bad for business. So you would think that progressives would be against bad legislation. But that is not the case. Progressives are all about power grabs.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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