Friday, June 16, 2017

Did HuffPo pull article because it was a step too far, or...

...because it was a step too quick? 

Having jiggered with a poll in December 2016 to make it prove the point they wanted it to prove, HuffPo has not backed off any anti-Trump sentiment. Which is why Jason Fuller's article calling was happily ensconced on their site with never a moment's hesitation.

But then the attack at the congressional baseball game happened, and somebody noticed the article calling for Trump's execution because "there is little room to doubt [his] guilt." 

Oopsey, like a poker player showing his hand before the bets have been laid, HuffPo realized they were showing their extreme bias before they should and pulled the article.

But hey, somebody found a cached version of it on Google. Wanna see? Click here. I've included screen snips from the cache (scroll down). In any case, HuffPo still works as one of the annointed organs of Progressives. 

Now, what about Jason Fuller who wrote the article? Who is the guy? He says he's just a regular dude working a low paying job somewhere in flyover country. He says he really, really, really cars about assaults on civil liberties. He believes those assaults come from Trump and once a court signs off on his guilt, why we can just get buy executing him. 

Jason, Jason, Jason. Bless your little old heart. It's tough wanting to be a dictator but nobody will let you.

Headline from cached image on Google

Paragraph from cached image on Google

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