Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Angela's Funnee Du Jour: #2

Angela: Yeah, the jokes are always on her.
by Angela K. Durden
The Most Funniest Woman in the World

I am convinced that Microsoft Corporation has prevented more workplace violence than anything HR, or HR consultants, or other social engineers could ever have come up with.

It's called Solitaire. And it comes with every Windows operating system on the planet. 

Think about it. Solitaire is like a drug only there’s no withdrawal from it. 

Boss screaming at you? Smile, bend the knee, and kiss his ring. Go back to your cubicle and play solitaire.The boss is not paying you to waste time, so revel in your passive aggressiveness as you get one over on da man. 

Zone out. Relax. Feel a sense of accomplishment every time you get an Ace up at the top. 485 points. See? Better than Prozac or Zanax or even medical marijuana folks use for their generalized pain.

And no guns involved. Or knives. Or poison. Or dark alleys. Or falls from a high places. None of that. Prison avoided. Taxes saved. Public safety intact.

So thank you, Microsoft Corporation for bringing to the masses this most wonderful tool for social order and justice.

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