Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Global Warming Gurus Go After Fido

by Kim D.

A new global warning study is circulating and advocating we think about our familial relationships with the cute and fluffy. That's right the climate change movement wouldn't be complete until pet lovers were shamed about the damage caused by the bookoodles of dangerous carbon dioxide emissions that they are encouraging.

How so, you ask?

According to UCLA professor Gregory Okin, the meaty diet we are feeding our pets is the same thing as driving over 13 million cars each year:
The number of dog- and cat-owning households is increasing in the US [8], and at the same time there is an increasing trend in the “humanization” of pets and pet products [2223]. As a possible consequence, there is a trend toward increasing meat quantity and quality in pet foods, which results in further increases in consumption of animal products by pets. There is evidence that this trend may continue as younger people are more likely to purchase premium pet food that includes more desirable cuts of meat [24]. Globally, the increasing pet ownership in developing countries [2526] may serve to increase the potential environmental impacts of pet dogs and cats.
Basically loving pets plus feeding them a meaty diet equals globally offensive poop.

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  1. Just when you think they can't get any more insane...they push the vegan diet on meat eaters.