Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mistaken Identity is a Two-Way Street

By Angela Durden

You've seen the headlines: 

Black [cop, lawyer] mistaken for [criminal, defendant]!

Black [doctor, teacher, soldier] mistaken for [rapist, prostitute, pusher]!

The article always, always, always then pushes the narrative that it happens because whites are so racist that they cannot believe good things about blacks. 

In those articles, whites are tagged with committing "racial terrorism" and "invoking their privilege". Posts like this one show up on social media from activists saying "Pay Attention Family! Making amerikkka great! Consider this! When you stand before the court!" as they tag this article.  

I happen to know — and by know I mean in real life — the man who posted this. He is a musician and plays a mean bass. God, he's good at his craft, but then he changed his name to something nobody can barely pronounce and began to get all radical and accusing me of being racist, well, I called him on it several times. He backed off saying those things to me because he knows he was wrong, but that has not stopped him from all this other posting.

The thing is, this man gets furious when he sees "black [cop, lawyer] mistaken for [criminal, defendant]", but he has no problem mistaking all whites as racist. 

This man is not alone in accusing and condemning based on color alone and the wholesale condemnation of that color. 

But good news! 

It's only the radicals in every group that do this wholesale condemnation based on color. Being loud, vicious, and vociferous, they are the most heard voices on this matter. 

Which is why real citizen journalists, that is, those who report and are fair and balanced, should call out these people wherever they find them. Whether you are white or black, or the radical is white or black, we owe it to the stability and success of our communities to speak up with grace, truth, and facts. 

I do my part on my personal social media feeds. (Facebook and Twitter do not like it, either, as my posts are generally held from distribution for many days.)

I do my part on this blog and on my personal blog.

I do my part in person when someone has the courage to say it to my face. 

You see, these people who spew the hate are not about color: They are about control and power. Let's call them what they are: Wannabe dictators.

Hey, that reminds me of a joke.

What do you get when you cross a penis with a potato?
You get a dictator.

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