Saturday, June 17, 2017

Liberals* are no fun, or The Case of Kathy "I believe in free speech" Griffin

By Angela Durden

Kathy Griffin. I've seen her do some funny routines. Her shtick is that she is the D-Lister, the outsider, the one not let in to the hallowed halls of celebrity...and that's how she got her celebrity. She claimed she didn't want to be part of the A-Lister Crowd of Beautiful People.

I stopped watching or liking her routines a few years ago because it became painfully clear she did care that she was only allowed to press her nose against the double-insulated window pane to peer through the designer lace curtains at the Beautiful People as they air kissed each other and patted each other on their beautiful sculpted backs and made their beautiful deals.

Kathy's routines became more bitter, then she decided to begin currying favor. If making fun wasn't giving her access, then she would do outrageous things they would applaud.
Her latest outrageous act was a photo shoot involving the bloody severed head of the president of the United States. A photo shoot that was so inflammatory that during it she joked that she would get a bunch of negative press from it and might have to move. 

Of course, she retained Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred's** daughter, to spin her tale into one of Donald "The Hammer" Trump hates me so now all you Liberals can like me again, see?

Some are saying the severed head is a piece art supported by the right of free speech. Maybe they aren't lying, but that doesn't mean I've got to like it, and you can't make me like it.

I dislike what Kathy "I believe in free speech" Griffin did so much I shall not link to any article, video, or image of the thing or her. Following on the heels of Manchester, the timing was worse than bad, her point was worse than not being made, and it could rightly be said she gave support and succor to those thinking of acts of terror. 


And while the Beautiful People may have given her a little wave of "Oh, aren't you cute. I wish I was brave enough to do that." — raising her hopes of inclusion for a millisecond — they still don't invite her in. They won't even throw her a shawl to ward off the damp and cold of the night as she presses her nose against the glass pane happily vibrating from the mix of the party DJ within.

"Hello? Can somebody unlock the front door? HeLOOOOOOW? I know you're in there." Poor Kathy. She cares too much for the wrong thing.

*Liberals are: Those with "unearned moral superiority"***, Wussy RINOs, Power-hungry Socialists, RadFems and Pussy-hat wearing celebrities and their blind-to-reality acolytes.

**For a time, Gloria Allred represented Roe in Roe v Wade, but had one child which means she is truly pro-choice after all, right? 

***Attribution: Phrase stolen from a friend. 

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